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Title [North American Indians U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories I: Vol 1]
Photographer Gardner, Alexander; Blackman Collections; Fitzgibbon; Bell
Document Type Photograph; Art
Description A photograph album with American Indian portraits and photographs of daily life. Each photograph has a written captions on the facing page usually identifying the individuals including tribal details.
Names Eskel-ta-sa-la; Santo; Striker; Grey Eagle; Capitan; Pacer; Stone-Calf; Friday; Big Mouth; White Crow; White Crow; Black Crow; Left Hand; Yellow Horse; Heap Of Bears; Little Raven; Smith, Samuel; Davis, Borum; Hole In The Day; Crossing Sky; Red Bird; Folsom, Israel; Folsom,Samuel; Le Flore, B. L.; Steadman, Anne; Steadman, George; Town King; Drunken Terrapin; Ho-tul-ki-mi-ho; Whirlwind; White Shield; White Horse; Guerrier, Edward; Little Robe; Scradalicto, Pedro; Schopa, Miguel; Milky Way; Timber Bluff; Silver Brooch; Grey Leggings; Cheevers; Chewing Elk; Gap In The Salt; Ten Bears; Buffalo Hump; Jim; Washington, George; Gualoupe; Antelope; Buffalo Goad; Red Thunder; Good Hawk; Walking Crane; Yellow Eagle; Good Hawk; Walking Crane; Blackfoot; Iron Bull; Bear Wolf; Old Crow; Longfoot; White Calf; Old Onion; Long Ears; Long Mandan; The Other Day; Little Short Horn; The Spotted Horse; Yellow Hawk; Little Crow; One Who Comes In Sight; Little Six [Sha-kpe]; Scarlet All Over; Black Lightening
Places New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, Yellowstone, Montana, United States
Keywords observation, portrait, chief, custom, dress, Cherokee delegation, marriage, ceremony, interpreter, art, Indian Agency
Theme Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Great Plains, Southwest, Great Basin, Southeast, Northeast
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Photographs Box 97: North American Indians U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories, Vol. 1