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Title [Photographs and artwork depicting American military figures, army camp life and a selection of forts]
Photographer Brown, W. Cal; Gardner, Alexander; Randall, A. F.; Barthelmess, Christopher; Barry, D. P.; Northwestern Photographic Company; Morledge, C. G.
Artist Michelin, F.
Document Type Photograph; Art
Description A collection of photographs and reproduction prints of artwork containing images of army personnel, forts and camps, including Fort Laramie and Custer's monument.
Names Bronson, Nelson; Wallace, George D.; Custer, General, George A.; Hodgson, Benjamin H; Custer, Mrs, George A.; Bates, Mrs; Yates, Captain, George W.; Yates, Mrs George W.; Carlin, General, William. P.; McIntosh, Mrs, Donald; Moylan, Captain, Miles; McIntosh, Donald; Calhoun, James; Moylan, Mrs, Miles; Varnum, Charles A.; Calhoun, Mrs, James; McDougall, Mrs, Thomas M.; McDougall, Thomas M.; Badger, William; Thompson, Mr, C. W.; Parker, Captain, Dangerfield; Custer, Captain, Thomas W.; Thompson, Captain William; Casey, E. W.; Getty, Robert M.; Forsyth, Colonel, J. W.; Cook, James H.; Hall, Corporel, Porter, Dr; Godfrey, Captain; Benteen, Colonel; Edgerly, Captain; McDougal, Captain; Penwall, Private; White Swan; Cooper, James A.; Cook, Reverend, C. S.; Royer, D. F.; Brooke, General
Places San Carlos, Fort Hall, Fort Jasper, Fort Laramie, Fort Lincoln, Fort Okanogan, Fort Snelling, Fort Thomas, Arizona, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Fort Keogh, Montana, Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, United States; Sierra Madre, Mexico
Keywords fort, armed forces, soldier, Battle of Wounded Knee, scout, massacre, agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs, council, commissioner
Theme Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters; Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Southwest, Mesoamerica, Great Plains
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Photographs Box 66: U.S. Military