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Title Andrew Jackson Faulk collection of photographs of the Dakota Territory and of the Yankton, Santee, BruÍe, and Two Kettle Sioux: Vol 2
Document Type Photograph
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue (applies to the Andrew Jackson Faulk collection as a whole): Primarily large format albumen prints, but also a few stereographs and carte de visites, of scenes in the Dakota Territory and of Indians residing within its borders, taken mainly during the late 1850’s and 1860’s. Dakota Territory photographs include views of Yankton, its buildings, and its citizens; images of Forts Dakota and Randall taken by B.H. Gurnsey of Sioux City, Iowa; shots the Congregational church and parsonage at Faulkton, of the Big Sioux River and Sioux Falls, and of Indian camps; and carte de visite portraits of Newton Edmonds and Struck-by-the-Ree. There are thirty-two oval portraits of Yankton, Brul?e, Two Kettle, and Santee Sioux chiefs, interpreters, and others taken during treaty negotiations in 1858 at the Addis Gallery in Washington, D.C. Also portraits of Andrew Jackson Faulk and his father, John Faulk (tintype copy of a daguerreotype image); an 1860’s print of a Pennsylvania oil well; a view of a pontoon bridge spanning the Missouri River at Nebraska City, Neb., and an early 1890’s group portrait of the South Dakota Board of Woman Commissioners for the World’s Columbian Exposition.
Names Faulk, Andrew Jackson (1814-1898); Two Lances [Tow-a-hu-ka-sa-no-pa]; The Bear That Frightens Blackfoot [Mato Ko Kepa]; Jondro, Frank [Sas-wa]; Delno, Frank [Sas-wa]; Jumping Thunder [Psi-ca-na-kin-yan]; Long Foot [Si-ha-han-ska]; Feather In His Ear [Wi-ya-ko-mi]; Ree, John [Wama de Iapa] [Black Eagle]; White Swan [Magaska]; Little Bird [Waz Huika]; Struck By The Ree [Padane a Pape] (1804-1888); Sacred Ghost [Na gha wakon]; He Kills First; The Bear That Walks And Lays Down [Mato Kade Wanka]; Iron Nation [Muzza Oe Ate]; The Sacred Bull [Tatonka Wakon]; The Pretty Rock [To-kan-was-te]; The Pretty Boy; The Spotted Horse [Chun-kan-ke-tes-ka]; Walking Elk [Shaka Maime]; The Flying Bird [Kah-kah-tah-a-ke-ah]; Medicine Cow [Pia Wakon Nazhe]; Smutty Bear; Red Ensign [Wa-pa-sha]; The Flute Player [Cho-tan-ka-si-de-na-pe]; George; Ta Shunka Muzza; Moah pea hir de nazhe; Owa cha da or Wassu he I ata; Picotte, Charles; Reucontre, Zepher; Guyon, Alex C.; Walks Following Eagles [Wa-mdi-ka-wa-ma-ni];His Man Horses [Jus-un-ke-ma-za]; The Standing Cloud [Wak-pi-yu-hdi-na-jin]; Scarlet all Over O-wan-sa-du-ta]; Haynie, Mrs, William Duff; Oliver, Mrs J. S.; Jeffries, Mrs, L. Q.; Bennett, Mrs, John E.; Melette, Mrs, A. C.; Burleigh, Mrs, W. A.; Silsby, Mrs, George A.; Trow, Mrs, J. A.; Gatson, Mrs, Marie J.
Keywords observation, portrait, interpreter, Indian Agency, chief, Lewis and Clark expedition
Theme Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Great Plains
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Photographs Box 105: Andrew Jackson Faulk Collection
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