American Indians and the European Powers

The arrival of the first colonists to the Americas signified contact not only between the civilisations of the indigenous peoples and the Europeans, but between the distinct ideological and military forces of the individual nations, principally England, France and Spain. The competition between the colonists to claim the New World and exploit its resources shaped the nature of relations with the native population, from the curious and paternal (see Our Indian wards / by George W. Manypenny) to the evangelical, commercial, and often hostile.

The 9th day of January 1670 agreed by my self and Kochanomin that the town of Mannitootan in Takemmy shall remain for ever in the possession of the praying men [manuscript]: [Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.], [between 1694 and 1710] 09 Jan 1670; 1694-1710 Official Record
Abstract of Petition of Juan Velázquez de Salazar [manuscript]: Madrid, 1578 1578-c.1890 Manuscript
Account [manuscript]: Hatfield [Mass.], account of expenses on the publique service, 1724 1724 Manuscript Abenaki
Account [manuscript]: of Capt. Lovewell’s fight at Pigwacket, 1725 May 8 08 May 1725 Manuscript Abenaki
Account by Father Morfi of his expedition to the Provincias Internas [manuscript]: 1777 Aug. 4-1778 Nov. 9 04 Aug 1777 - 09 Nov 1778 Travel Journal; Diary
An account of conferences held, and treaties made, between Major-General Sir William Johnson, Bart., and the chief sachems and warriours [sic] of the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onandagos, Cayugas, Senekas, Tuskaroras, Aughquageys, Skaniadaradighronos, Chugnuts, Mahickanders, Shawanese, Kanuskagos, Toderigbronos, and Oghquagoes 1755-1756 Printed Book Mohawks; Oneidas; Onandagos; Cayugas; Senekas; Tuskaroras; Aughquageys; Skaniadaradighronos; Chugnuts; Mahickanders; Shawanese; Kanuskagos; Toderigbronos; Oghquagoes; Iroquois
Account of his captivity among the Onneidas [i.e. Oneidas] in 1690-1691 [manuscript]: 1890-1894 / by Pierre Millet of the Company of Jesus; translated by Mrs. E. E. Ayer 1690-1691; 1890-1894 Correspondence Oneida; Iroquois
An account of a visit by Indian Chief Papoonahoal and others of the Minisink Tribe, to the Quakers in Philadelphia [manuscript]: 1760 1760 Manuscript
An account of what I lost at the Fort Machushit [manuscript]: [1746]-1747 [1746]-1747 Financial Record Abenaki
An account of what John Hawks of Deerfield and Moses Scot[t] of Hatfield lost by the enemy at Hoosuck [i.e. Hoosac] [manuscript]: 1748 Sept. 8 08 Sep 1748 Official Record
Accounts [manuscript]: 1707-1709 05 Mar 1706 - 02 Feb 1708; 1707-1709 Financial Record
Accounts [manuscript]: [Charleston, S.C.], 1757-1759 28 Apr 1757; 06 May 1759; 02 Dec 1759; 28 Mar 1760 Financial Record Cherokee
An acoump [sic] of a scout sent to North River [manuscript]: under the command of Capt. Thos. Wells of Dearfield, July 1724 Jul 1724 Financial Record Abenaki
The Anglo-Saxon and the North American Indian 1876 Printed Book
Appointment of Louis Rouer de Villeray as general agent of the tax farm for Canada [manuscript]: Paris, 1692 Mar. 21. 21 Mar 1692 Manuscript
At a conference held at Deerfield in the county of Hampshire... by and between His Excellency Jonathan Belcher, Esq... Duntaussoogoe and others, chiefs of the Cagnawaga tribe of Indians 27 Aug 1735 Printed Book Ountaussoogoe; Cagnawaga; Houssatonnoc; Marsequunt; Naunautooghijau; Weenpauk; Scautacook; Penobscot; Mohawk; Norridgewock; Pequawket; Arosaguntacook; Stockbridge; Scaticook; Mohegan
Bill [manuscript]: [Albany, N.Y.?], to the Province of Massachusetts Bay, 1756 Nov. 30 30 Nov 1756 Correspondence
Bond [manuscript]: to the County Treasurer of Middlesex [Samuel Andrew], Middlesex County, [Mass.], 1683 May 5 05 May 1683 Official Record; Correspondence
Book relative to Indian affairs [manuscript]: journals to treaties, 1791-1794 1791-1794 Travel Journal Seneca
Breve descripción y relacion dela parte mas util y digna de atencion de esta America, en la gobernacion de Sonora y de las misiones que en esta remota provincia administran los PP. Misioneros del Colegio de Propaganda Fide de ls Santa Cruz de Queretaro [manuscript] 02 Apr 1772 Official Record; Correspondence
Brief account of a judicial inquiry into the case of doña Ana, accused of using witchcraft to persuade her Indian lover, don Andrés, to marry her [manuscript]: [between 1530 and 1549] c.1530-c.1549 Manuscript
A brief account of the war in N. America: shewing [sic], the principal causes of our former miscarriages; as also, the necessity and advantage of keeping Canada, and the maintaining a friendly correspondence with the Indians… 1760 Printed Book Seneca-Cayuga
A brief narrative of the Indian charity school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1766 Printed Book
A brief narrative of the Indian charity-school in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1766 Printed Book
California before the Jesuits (1540-1697): typescript, [1908] / written and read by Mrs. M. Burton Williamson, before the California Badger Club, Nov. 4, 1908 04 Nov 1908; 1540-1697 Manuscript
Calques et fac-similes: l’anciennes cartes sur l’Amerique avant 1550 surtout / Henry Harrisse 1870-1910 Map
Campement de l’armée à Tombecbe 1747 Map Choctaw; Chickasaw
[Campement] de l’armée françois [devant u]n village des ennemis, las Chicachas le 26 [de Mais] 1736 [cartographic material] 26 May 1736; 1747 Map Choctaw; Chickasaw
Carta reducida que comprende las costas septentrionales de la California… 1783; c.1908 Map
Carta tercera de relacion [manuscript] 1526 Correspondence; Manuscript Aztec
Carte angloise de la Baye de Hudson ou la compagnie apellee Hudson Bay fait son commerce: tirée de la liasse des concecions accordée a plusiers compagnis par le Roy l'Angleterre pour differens commerces. Depost remise a Monseigneur le Marechal le 8 Novembre, 1719 08 Nov 1719 Map
Carte contenant les nouvelles decouvertes de l'ouest en Canada: mers, rivieres, lacs, et nations qui y habitant en l'ann[ee] 1737 1737; c.1850 Map
Carte copiée sur celle qui a été tracée par le sauvage Ochagache et autres c.1728; 1846 Map
Carte de la coste de la Louisiane, depuis la Baye de St. Bernard jusqu'a celle de Saint Joseph: ou tous les ports, rades, et bons mouillages sont exactement marquez avec les sondes, et la profondeur des terres jusqu'au dessus des Natchez c.1726 Map Natchez
Carte de la decoverte faite l'an 1663 dans l'Americque septentrionale 1663; 1681 Map
Carte de la decoverte faite l'an 1673 dans l'Americque septentrionale 1673; 1681 Map
Carte de la descouverte du Sr. Jolliet ou l'on voit la communication du Fleuve St. Laurens avec les Lacs Frontenac, Erié, Lac des Hurons et Ilinois… c.1675; c.1850 Map
Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Missisipy sur la Relation d’Andre Penicaut / par F.B. 1860-1879 Map
Carte de la nouvelle decouverte que les peres Ieusuistes ont fait en l'annee 1672 et continuee par le P. Jacques Marquette de la mesme compagne… 1672-1673; c.1850 Map
[Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionalle: depuis le 25 jusqu'au 65 degr. de latt. et environ 140 et 235 deg. de longitude... En l'année 1688] 1688; c.1850 Map
Carte détroit Erié, remontant jusqu'au Lac Huron c.1850 Map
Carte du Canada et des découvertes vers le lac d'Erié 1670; c.1850 Map
Carte du Cap François de Saint Domingue, de l’isle de Cuba, de la Jamaique avec le Canal de Bahama, l’entrée du fleuve St. Louis, et le pays de la Louisiane et les isles adjacentes, le tout depuis 16 degres de latitude jusqu’a trente six 1747 Map
Carte d'une partie du Lac Superior: avec la decouverte de la riviere depuis le grand portage A jusqu'a la barriere B le Fort St Charles est construit dans le Lac des Bois et dans le Lac Tekamamiouen, un fort qui porte le nom du Lac 1732; c.1850 Map
Carte d'une partie du Lac Superior: avec la découverte de la riviere depuis le grand portage A jusqu'au Lac Ouinpigon, où on a construit le fort Maurepas -- le fort c.1850 Map
Carte dv fleuve Saint Louis ou Mississipy dix lieves au dessus de la Nouvelle Orleans iusqu'a son embouchure c.1723 Map
Carte geographiqve de la Novvelle Franse / faictte par le sievr de Champlain Saint Tongois cappitaine ordinaire povr le roy en la marine, faict len 1612; Dauid Pelletier fecit 1612 Map
Carte maritime dv Micissipy [cartographic material] c.1735 Map
Carte particuliere du flevue [sic] St. Louis dix lieües au dessus de la Nouvelle Orleans: ou sont marqué les habitations et les terrains concedés à plusiers particuliers au Mississipy c.1723 Map
Cédula containing ordinances regulating repartimientos, tax collection, and the treatment of Indians in New Spain [manuscript]: 1543 May 26 26 May 1543 Official Record
A century of dishonour: a sketch of the United States government’s dealings with some of the North American tribes 1881 Printed Book Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Cheyenne; Nez Perce; Sioux Nation; Ponca; Winnebago; Cherokee; Paiute
Chronicles of border warfare 1831 Printed Book
Codex Cempoallan [manuscript] c.1720 Manuscript; Art Aztec
[Codex Tepotzotlán] [manuscript] 1720 Manuscript; Art Aztec
Collection of paintings by William Alexander 1798 Art
Compendio historico de las navegaciones practicadas por oficiales, y pilotos en buques de la Real Armada, sobre las costas septentrionales de las Californias [manuscript]… 1799 Manuscript Nootka
The complaints and prayer of Oweneco and Ben Uncas [manuscript]: 1700 1700 Official Record Mohegan
A conference between His Excellency Jonathan Belcher esq; Captain General and Governour in Chief of His Majesty’s province of Massachusets-Bay in New England Jul 1732 Printed Book Penobscot; Norridgewock; Pigwachet; Ameriscoggin
A conference held at St. George’s in the county of York, on the twentieth day of September... 1753 20 Sep 1753 Printed Book Penobscot; Norridgewock
The conferrence [sic] with the Eastern Indians, at the ratification of the peace, held at Falmouth in Casco-Bay, in July and August, 1726 Jul-Aug 1726 Printed Book
Conquista del reino de Nueva Galicia en la América septentrional [manuscript]: fundacion de su capital ciudad de Guadalajara sus progresos politicos y militares... c.1800 - c.1900 Manuscript
A continuation of the narrative of the Indian charity-school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1769 Printed Book
Copia del manifiesto que presentó Dn. Tomás Southuel â la Superioridad en el año de 1769 [manuscript]: proponiendo el establecimiento de pescas en las sondas de las Indias Occidentales ê Yslas... 08 Feb 1783 Manuscript
Copy of some conferences held with the Indians [manuscript]: Philadelphia, 1756 Apr. 19-23 19 Apr 1756 - 23 Apr 1756 Manuscript Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Iroquois; Mohawk; Oneida; Onondaga; Cayuga; Seneca; Tuscarora
Corografia de las misiones, que administran los misioneros del Colegio Apostolico de propaganda fide de la S[an]ta Cruz de Queretaro, in la provincia de Sonora, con los paises de las naciones gentiles, que tienen acia norte, y poniente 1700s; c.1980 Map Tohono O'odham (Papago); Apache; Colorado River; Yuma (Quechan)
[Cours de l'Ohio depuis sa source jusqu'a sa jonction avec la Riviere d'Ouabache et les pais voisons] 1755; c.1850 Map
Découverte et évolution cartographique de Terre-Neuve et des pays circonvoisins 1497-1501-1769: essais de géographie historique et documentaire / par Henry Harrisse; clichés de la première partie (40), [1899 Nov. 25-1900 Jan. 21] 25 Nov 1899 - 21 Jan 1900 Map
Deed and maps [manuscript]: 1762-1774 1762-1774 Official Record Mohawk
Defence of the Rhode Island system of treatment of the Indians, and of civil and religious liberty... 1876 Printed Book Narragansett
Deposition [manuscript]: 1656 1656 Official Record
Deposition [manuscript]: Groton, Mass., 1666 Jan. 22 22 Jan 1666 Official Record
The deposition of Samuell Davis aged about 36 years [manuscript]: [Groton, Mass.], 1666 Feb. 2 [sic] 02 Feb 1666 Official Record
Descripcion de la Provincia de Jucatan con informe de su govierno secular y eclesiastico, comercio, cultivo, amenidad, situacion f[inancie]ra [manuscript] 12 Jul 1766 Manuscript
Diario de la expedicion que el infraescripto teniente coronel y comandante de la Provincia del Nuevo México practica de ella a la de Sonora a efecto de abrir transito para la comunicacion y comercio... [manuscript] 18 Dec 1780; 31 Dec 1780 Diary Apache
Diary and accounts [manuscript]: 1779 June 9-Sept. 16 09 Jun 1779 - 16 Sep 1779 Diary; Travel Journal Iroquois; Seneca
Diary of John Harrower, 1773-1776 1900 Printed Book; Diary Shawnee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Diseño de las distancias y situacion de las ciudades, villas, pueblos y presidios, que recorren los correos de la administracion principal de Chihuahua y hasta donde forma facturas 1780s; c.1908 Map
[Document concerning property of Pedronilla Francisca and Constantino San Felipe] [art original] 1576 Manuscript; Art
[Document relating to the descendants of Don Miguel Damián] [art original] 1576 Manuscript; Art
Documents [manuscript]: 1746-1751 1746-1751 Official Record; Correspondence Seneca-Cayuga; Catawba; Iroquois
Documents concerning concessions and privileges granted to the Tlaxcalan Indians by the Spanish monarchs [manuscript] 1732-1808 1732-1808 Official Record
Documents concerning the petition of the residents of Malinalco to rebuild their chapel, Capilla del Calvario [manuscript]: 1752 Nov. 8-Dec. 16 08 Nov 1752 - 16 Dec 1752 Manuscript; Official Record; Correspondence
Documents concerning a petition to establish a Capuchin convent in the parish of San Mateo Jalatlaco [manuscript]: 1743-1789 1743-1789 Manuscript
Documents concerning the proposal to establish a Capuchin convent in Dolores [manuscript]: 1809 Jan. 21-1810 April 9 21 Jan 1809 - 09 Apr 1810 Manuscript; Correspondence
Documents concerning protests by Indians against the construction of two churches in Zacatlán [manuscript]: 1750 Oct. 20-1753 March 24 20 Oct 1750 - 25 March 1753 Manuscript; Official Record; Correspondence
Documents pertaining to cases heard by Bishop Zumárraga as Apostolic Inquisitor of Mexico [manuscript]: [between 1536 and 1543] 1536-1543 Official Record
Documents pertaining to cases heard in the Real Audiencia of Mexico [manuscript]: 1663-1722 1663-1722 Official Record; Correspondence
Documents pertaining to the Hacienda de Santa Inés, property of the Jesuits of the Colegio de Tepotztlán [manuscript] 1567-1745 1567-1745 Official Record; Manuscript
Documents pertaining to property in Teocaltitlán and San Pedro de Calimaya [manuscript] 1678-1781 1678-1781 Manuscript; Official Record Aztec
Dr. the Nottoway Indians in acct. with Henry Taylor, John Thomas Blow, Thomas Blunt, & Edwin Gray, their trustees [manuscript]: account, 1774 Jan Jan 1774 Financial Record
The early Jesuit missions in North America; comp. and tr. from the letters of the French Jesuits, with notes 1845, 1866, 1873 Printed Book Illinois; Abenaki; Iroquois; Quapaw; Natchez
[Elevation drawing of church facade at Presidio of Monterey, California in 1792] 1792; c.1908 Art
Establecimiento y progresos delas misiones de la antigua California [manuscript]; y Memorias piadosas de la nacion indiana. 1800 Manuscript
Examination [manuscript]: [of] Joshua Ompatawin, an Indian of Weston [Mass.], 1720/21, Feb. 17 c.1720 Official Record Massachuset
Extrait d'une carte d'Amerique Septentrionale 1687; c.1850 Map
Facts relative to the Canadian Indians, published by direction of the Aborigines' Committee, of the Meeting for Sufferings 1839 Printed Book
Family papers [manuscript]: 1870-1891 [1 of 2] 1885-1886 Official Record; Newspaper; Manuscript Acoma; Zuni
Family papers [manuscript]: 1870-1891 [2 of 2] 1885-1886 Official Record; Newspaper; Manuscript Acoma; Zuni
The first visit of De La Salle to the Senecas, made in 1669 1874 Printed Book Seneca-Cayuga
The following is a true relation of ye long sufferings of Godfrey Harding and Florence Eggin and two others being taken prisoners by the French in 1739/40 [manuscript]… 25 Dec 1746 Manuscript Chickasaw
Fragmentos de la Historia de Tlaxcala de Diego Muñoz Camargo [manuscript] 1852 Manuscript Aztec
[Genealogy of Pedronilla and Juliana] [art original] 1576 Manuscript; Art
Governor and company of Connecticut, and Moheagan Indians, by their guardians. Certified copy of book of proceedings before Commissioners of Review, MDCCXLIII. 1769 Printed Book Mohegan; Pequot
Gurdon Saltonstall esqr govr and commander in chief of His Majesties colony of Connecticut in New England to John Williams gentl., greeting [manuscript]… 1724 Official Record Abenaki
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [1 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [2 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [3 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [4 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [5 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [6 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
An historical account of the doings and sufferings of the Christian Indians in N. England in the years 1675, 1676, 1677 [manuscript]: impartially drawn by one well acquainted with that affair and presented unto the Right Honorable the Corporation residing in London, appointed by the Kings most excellent Majesty for promoting the gospel among the Indians in America 1831 Manuscript
Historical traditions of Tennessee [manuscript]: the captivity of Jane Brown and her family, 1851 December Dec 1851 Manuscript Cherokee; Creek
History of the discovery of America: of the landing of our forefathers at Plymouth, and of their most remarkable engagements with the Indians in New England… 1802 Printed Book Huron; Iroquois
The history of the wars of New-England with the eastern Indians, or a narrative of their continued perfidy and cruelty… 1859 Printed Book
An hytorical [sic] [acco]unt of the doing[s] & sufferings of [the] Christian Indians in New England, in the yeares 1675: 1676 / 1677 [manuscript]... 1677 Manuscript
I do promise to bear faith and true allegiance to His Majesty King George the third [manuscript]: Menaguashe near Fort Howe [Saint John, N.B.], 1778 Sept. 24 24 Sep 1778 Manuscript; Tribe Record Micmac; Maliseet
The importance of attaching the Indian tribes to the British interest [manuscript]: essay [c.1760] 1760 Correspondence Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Iroquois; Mohawk; Oneida; Shawnee
In the land of pretty soon Feb-Mar 1895 Printed Book Pueblo Indians
In obediance to your honors order and desire to me to give your honors accoumpt what will be necessary for the defrayment of the county of Midlsex charges for this insueing yeare... [sic] [manuscript] 08 Jun 1696 Correspondence
Indenture [manuscript]: to Eleazer [i.e. Eliezer] and Rebeckah Freeman, 1731 June 29 29 Jun 1731 Official Record
Indian land deeds [manuscript]: 1639-1787 1639-1787 Official Record
Indian petition to the general assembly [manuscript]: to the honourable house of representatives of, 1747 Apr. 1 01 Apr 1747 Correspondence
Indian rights and our duties: an address delivered at Amherst, Hartford, etc. Dec 1829; 1830 Printed Book Cherokee; Choctaw
The Indian treaty, for the lands now the site of Philadelphia and the adjacent country 1836 Printed Book; Treaty
The Indians answer [manuscript]: present as before Old Abraham Speaker [1776] 1776 Manuscript Mohawk
The Indians of the Raritan [manuscript]: [c.1840] 1840 Manuscript Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Indictment [manuscript]: Cambridge [Mass.], James Natonamage against Nathaniel Mott for selling liquor to Indians, 1663 Oct. 25 25 Oct 1663 Official Record
Informe de Dn. Eusebio Bentura Beleña al Exmo. Sor. virrey Marques de Croix [manuscript]: con descripción delas provincias de Sonora y Cinaloa, parajes donde se cobra el tributo, fundamentos legales para su exacción, repartimiento de tierras, y otros various puntos... 1770 Manuscript; Official Record Maya
Informe sobre Sinaloa y Sonora año de 1750 [manuscript] 1750 Manuscript Apache
Instructions [manuscript]: St. Louis, [Mo.], to Mr. Turcotte, 1815 May 16 16 May 1815 Official Record Sac and Fox; Winnebago; Kickapoo; Ioway; Menominee; Sioux Nation; Chippewa (Ojibway)
Invoice [manuscript]: the publick to Edward Keating, Dr., 1741 May 21 - June 31 21 May - 31 Jun 1741 Correspondence; Manuscript
Invoice [manuscript]: the publick to Thos. Cosher, 1755 1755 Official Record Cherokee
Invoice [manuscript]: the publick to Wm. McKelvey, Dr., 1755 Dec. 3-1756 Jan. 15 03 Dec 1775 - 15 Jan 1776 Correspondence Cherokee
Invoice [manuscript]: to the state of New York, 1780 Mar. 5 05 Mar 1780 Correspondence
James Indians answere to his Mr Carrs reasons of appeale [manuscript]: to be delivered to Mr Rawson sect. to be pr[e]sented to ye Court of Assistants, 1672 Mar. 5 [sic] 05 Mar 1672 Official Record
Journal d’un voyage fait avec Mr. d’Iberville de la rade de Bilocchis dans le haut du Mississipi [manuscript]: avec un detail de tous ce qui sest fait depuis ce temps jusquau depart du vaisseau, 1700 Feb. 1-May 8 / par le R.P. Du Ru Jesuité 1700 Diary Creek; Natchez
A journal of the proceedings of Conrad Weiser [manuscript]: on his journey to Ohio with a message & present from the government of Pensilvania to the Indians there, 1748 Aug. 11 - Oct. 2 11 Aug 1748 - 02 Oct 1748 Travel Journal; Official Record; Manuscript Iroquois; Shawnee; Wyandotte; Mahican; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Huron; Seneca
A journal of the proceedings of Jacob Wendell, Samuel Watts, Thomas Hubbard and Chambers Russel...; commissioners appointed by the honourable Spencer Phips... to treat with the several tribes of Eastern Indians in order to renew and confirm a general peace 1752 Printed Book Penobscot
Know all men by these presents that I Nathan Saintjohn of Ridgefield... for and upon consideration of five acres of land granted to me by ye proprietors of Ridgefield [manuscript]: deed, 1721/22, Feb. 17 17 Feb 1721; 17 Feb 1722 Official Record
La aparición de Ntra. Señora de Guadalupe de México: comprobada con la refutación del argumento negativo que presenta D. Juan Bautista Muñoz, fundandose en el testimonio del P. Fr. Bernardino Sahagun… 1840 Printed Book
Land disputes between the colony of Connecticut and the Mohegan Indians, 1736-1739 [compiled ca. 1740] 1736-1740 Official Record; Correspondence Mohegan
Letter [manuscript]: [Montreal, Que.?], to Lord Sydney, [London, Eng.?], 1785 Feb. 1 1 Feb 1785 Correspondence Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Albany, [N.Y. to Gov. William Cosby, New York, N.Y.], 1733/4 Mar. 4 04 Mar 1734 Correspondence Seneca; Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Albany, [N.Y.], to Gen. [William] Johnson, Lake George, [N.Y.], 1755 Nov. 11 11 Nov 1755 Correspondence Mohawk; Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Albany, [N.Y.], to Sir Wm. Johnson, 27 December 1757 27 Dec 1757 Correspondence Onondaga
Letter [manuscript]: Annapolis, [Md.], to [Patrick Gordon, Philadelphia, Pa.], 1732 May 7 07 May 1732 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Blandford, [Eng.], to Lord Melville, 1804 Sept. 6 06 Sep 1804 Correspondence Mohawk
Letter [manuscript]: Boston, Mass., to John Stoddard [Northampton, Mass.?], 1745 Sep. 26 26 Sep 1745 Correspondence Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Camp on Grand River, [Indian Territory], to Col. W[illia]m G. Coffin, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Southern Superintendency, 1862 July 19 19 Jul 1862 Correspondence Cherokee
Letter [manuscript]: Chicago, [Ill.], to [Edward E. Ayer, Chicago, Ill.], 1904 Jan. 23 23 Jan 1904 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Chiguagua [San Felipe del Real, Mexico], to Joseph de Galvez, 1777 Oct. 26 26 Oct 1777 Correspondence Apache; Comanche
Letter [manuscript]: Clarke [i.e. Clark] County, [Ky.], to Brig. Gen. Green Clay, Fort Meigs, Ohio, 1813 June 9 09 Jun 1813 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: East Las Vegas, N.M., to Prof. F. W. Hodge, Washington, D.C., 1910 Jan. 25 25 Jan 1910 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Fort Washington, [Ohio], to Stephen Jacob, Windsor, Vt., 1793 June 24 24 Jun 1793 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Housatunuck [i.e. Housatonic], [Mass.], to Reverand Nehemiah Bull, Westfield, Mass., 1734/35 Feb. 5 1734 Correspondence Mahican
Letter [manuscript]: La Prairie des Mascoutins, [Ohio], to Colonel John Bradstreet, Detroit, [Mich.], 1764 Sept. 2 02 Sep 1764 Correspondence Ottawa
Letter [manuscript]: London, Eng., to Sir William Johnson, Johnson Hall, N.Y., 1770 Apr. 27 27 Apr 1770 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: London, to the Hon[ora]ble the Society for Propagating of Gosple [sic] among the Indians in New England, 1745 June 17 17 Jun 1745 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: London, to Oliver Noyes, Hull, Yorkshire, 1746 Jan. 8 08 Jan 1746 Correspondence Mohawk
Letter [manuscript]: Lyn [Lynn, Mass.], to Major Stephen Sewell in Salem [Mass.], 1708 Sept. 15 15 Sep 1708 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Mexico [City], to Charles V of Spain, 1537 Nov Nov 1537 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Mohegan, [Conn.], to Eleazar Wheelock, [Hanover, N. H.], 1774 Mar. 14 14 Mar 1774 Correspondence Oneida
Letter [manuscript]: Montreal, to Monsr. L’anglade, 1763 July 17 17 Jul 1763 Correspondence Ottawa
Letter [manuscript]: Montreal, to Sir John Johnson, 1784 Nov. 15 15 Nov 1784 Correspondence Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Montreal, to Sir W[illia]m Johnson, 1761 Mar. 19 19 Mar 1761 Correspondence Chippewa (Ojibway); Mohawk
Letter [manuscript]: New York, [N.Y.], to Peter Collinson, London, [Eng.], 1756 Apr. 23 23 Apr 1756 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: New York, [N.Y.], to Sir W[illia]m Johnson, 1772 [i.e. 1773] Mar. 2 02 Mar 1773 Correspondence Mohawk
Letter [manuscript]: New York, [N.Y.], to Thomas Hancock, [Boston, Mass.], 1760 Mar. 2 02 Mar 1760 Correspondence Cherokee
Letter [manuscript]: New York, to Honorable Lt. Governor Penn, 1766 July 2 02 Jul 1766 Correspondence Shawnee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Letter [manuscript]: Niagara, [N.Y.], to Sir William Johnston [i.e. Johnson], Johnston [i.e. Johnson] Hall, [Johnstown, N.Y.], 1764 Apr. 30 30 Apr 1764 Correspondence Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Paris, le Ministre des Relations Exterieurs au Citoyen Ministre de la Marine, le 11 ventôse an 4 [i.e March 1, 1796] 01 Mar 1796 Official Record; Correspondence Creek
Letter [manuscript]: Philadelphia, [Pa.], to Sir William Johnson, 1765 May 23 23 May 1765 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee
Letter [manuscript]: Philadelphia, to Lieutenant Governor [John Graves] Simcoe, Niagara, [Ont.], 1792 Sept. 13 13 Sep 1792 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Quebec, to Sir William [Johnson], 1767 Aug. 20 20 Aug 1767 Correspondence Mohawk
Letter [manuscript]: San Phelipe el Real de Chiguagua [San Felipe del Real, Mexico], to Charles III, 1777 Oct. 26 26 Oct 1777 Correspondence Apache
Letter [manuscript]: Santa Fe, N.M., to [Samuel George Morton, Philadelphia, Pa.], 1850 July 3-4 03 Jul - 04 Jul 1850 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Savannah, [Ga.], to Lord George Germaine, [London?, England], 1782 Apr. 6 06 Apr 1782 Correspondence Cherokee; Creek; Choctaw; Catawba; Chickasaw
Letter [manuscript]: Stockbridge, [Mass.], to William Tryon, 1773 Dec. 8 08 Dec 1773 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee
Letter [manuscript]: Whitehall, to the [Earl of Bellomont], 1700 June 21 21 Jun 1700 Correspondence Iroquois
Letter [manuscript]: Williamsburg, [Va.], to Governor [Robert Hunter] Morris, [Philadelphia, Pa.], 1755 Feb. 14 14 Feb 1755 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Windsor, [Conn.], to [William] Pyncheon [i.e. Pynchon], [Springfield, Mass.?], 1639 Feb. 8 08 Feb 1639 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Wioming [sic] [i.e. Wyoming, Pa.], to Lewis Gordon, Easton, [Pa.], 1771 Aug. 1 01 Aug 1771 Correspondence
Letter and memorandum [manuscript]: 1784-1797 06 Nov 1784; 03 Oct 1797 Correspondence Iroquois; Seneca
Letter and petition [manuscript]: 1764-1775 1764-1775 Correspondence
A letter from the Revd Mr. Sergeant of Stockbridge, to Dr. Colman of Boston… 1743 Printed Book Mahican
A letter, about the present state of Christianity, among the Christianized Indians of New-England… 1705 Printed Book
Letters [manuscript]: 1704-1729 1704-1729 Correspondence Miami
Letters [manuscript]: 1763 1763 Correspondence Chippewa (Ojibway); Ottawa
Letters [manuscript]: 1763 Dec. 10 - 1764 Sept. 7 10 Dec 1763 - 07 Sep 1764 Correspondence
Letters [manuscript]: 1763-1770 12 Mar 1763; 17 Jun 1766; 22 Jun 1768; 25 Dec 1770 Correspondence Cherokee; Shawnee
Letters [manuscript]: 1775 Aug. 18-1776 July 29 18 Aug 1775; 29 Jul 1776 Correspondence Moki
Letters [manuscript]: 1797-1812 1797-1812 Correspondence Creek; Seminole
Letters [manuscript]: Eggharbour and Princeton [N.J.], to Eleazer Wheelock, 1767 June 23 - 1774 Apr. 22 23 Jun 1767; 22 Apr 1774 Correspondence Catawba; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Letters [manuscript]: Fort George and New York, N.Y., to Sir William Johnson, 1763-1764 19 Dec 1763; 22 Apr 1764; 25 May 1764 Correspondence Iroquois
Letters [manuscript]: Kittery, Me., to William Stoughton, Boston, Mass., 1694 Dec. 17-31 1694 Correspondence Abenaki
Letters [manuscript]: Mashpee, Mass., 1770-1775 1770-1775 Correspondence Mashpee Wampanoag
Letters [manuscript]: near Fort Repel, Kaskaskia, Russelville, U.S. Saline, and Elvirado, Illinois Ter., to Gov. [Isaac] Shelby, Frankfort, Ky., 1813-1814 1813-1814 Correspondence
Letters [manuscript]: New York [State], 1755 Jan. 6 - 1773 June 2 6 Jan 1755 - 2 Jun 1773 Correspondence Ottawa; Susquehannock
Letters [manuscript]: New York [State], to Gov. [William] Denny, 1757 Jan. 1 - 1758 Jan. 21 01 Jan 1757 - 21 Jan 1758 Correspondence Seneca; Cayuga; Iroquois
Letters [manuscript]: New York, to Sir Wm. Johnson, 1766-1771 1766-1771 Correspondence Potawatomi; Shawnee;
Letters [manuscript]: Québec, from the marquis de Denonville, to M. Arnoul, Intendant de la Marine, Rochefort, [France] 1686 May 8-1686 Nov. 14 08 May 1686 - 14 Nov 1686 Correspondence
Letters and history [manuscript]: 1778-[ca. 1782] 08 Apr 1778; 29 Apr 1778; 23 May 1778; 1782 Correspondence; Manuscript Mohawk; Oneida; Iroquois
A list of the names of the men that go in pursute [sic] of the enemy from Deerfield [manuscript]: 1748 May 10 10 May 1748 Official Record
The logick primer: some logical notions to initiate the Indians in the knowledge of the rules of reason… c.1890 Printed Book Massachuset
The lost daughter [manuscript]: [ca. 1850] 1850 Manuscript
Manuscript portolan atlas of the world c.1565 Map; Art
[Manuscritos en mexicano] [manuscript] 1580-1856 1580-1856 Manuscript; Official Record Aztec
Map of Catholic missions in California and Sonora traced from a late-eighteenth-century Spanish manuscript 1798-1804; c.1908 Map Apache; Yuma (Quechan); Akimel O'odham (Pima)
[Map of irrigated lands adjacent to the Hacienda de Santa Ines (Mexico)] [cartographic material] c.1550 Map
[Map of lands in the Tultepec and Jaltocán regions adjacent to the Hacienda de Santa Inés (Mexico)] [cartographic material] 1569 Map
[Map of the lower Mississippi River, neighboring coast, and the country to the southwest] 1694 Map
A map of the southern Indian district of North America 1775 Map Creek; Choctaw; Chickasaw; Cherokee
[Map showing the journey of Silvestre Vélez de Escalante in 1775 to Hopi pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona] 28 Oct 1775; c.1908 Map Colorado River
Massacre at the Yuma Crossing: Spanish relations with the Quechans, 1779-1782 1998 Printed Book Yuma (Quechan); Tohono O'odham (Papago); Apache; Mojave; Maricopa
Mémoire de Lxx Dxx officier ingénieur, contenant les evenements qui se sont passés à la Louisiane depuis 1715 jusqu’à present [manuscript]: ainsi que ses remarques sur les moeurs, usages, et forces des diverses nations de l’Amerique Septentrionale et de ses productions 1715 Diary
Memoire sur la colonie de Quebec, Plaisance, Gaspé et Cap Breton [manuscript] 04 Aug 1663 Correspondence Iroquois
Memoire sur l’etat present des abnaquis [manuscript]: [ca. 1722] 1722 Manuscript
Memoirs of the principal transactions of the last war between the English and French in North America… 1758 Printed Book
Memorandum [manuscript]: Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine), 1683 29 July 29 Jul 1683 Correspondence; Official Record Iroquois
Minutes [manuscript]: 1745-1749 24 Nov 1745 - 17 Jul 1749 Official Record; Correspondence; Diary Seneca-Cayuga; Iroquois
Minutes [manuscript]: 1775-1777 1775-1777 Manuscript
Minutes of conferences held at Fort Pitt, in April and May 1768, under the direction of George Croghan, Esquire, Deputy Agent for Indian Affairs, with the chiefs and warriors of the Ohio and other Western Indians 1768-1769 Printed Book Shawnee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Mahican; Wyandotte
The mission play: a pageant play in three acts / by John S. McGroarty, c.1911 1911 Manuscript
[Nahuatl land ownership map of property in the Teocaltitlán barrio of Mexico City] [cartographic material] 1678-1781 Map
A narrative of the late massacres, in Lancaster County, of a number of Indians, friends of this province, by persons unknown: with some observations on the same 1764 Printed Book Susquehannock
A new and further narrative of the state of New-England, being a continued account of the bloudy [sic] Indian-war, from March till August, 1676… 1676 Printed Book
A new discovery of a vast country in America, extending above four thousand miles, between New France and New Mexico: with a description of the Great Lakes, cataracts, rivers, plants, and animals, also the manners, customs, and languages of the several native Indians... 1698 Printed Book
Noticia breve de la expedicion militar de Sonora y Cinaloa, su exito feliz, y ventajoso estado en que por consecuencia de ella se han puesto ambas provincias [manuscript] 1771 Manuscript Apache
Noticias de la nueva California [manuscript] [1 of 2] 1792 Manuscript
Noticias de la nueva California [manuscript] [2 of 2] 1792 Manuscript
Ogden’s track 1829 1829; 1905 Map
Oneida Indian documents [manuscript]: 1787-1833 1787-1833 Manuscript Oneida; Stockbridge Munsee
Ordenanças hechas por el sr. visorrey don Antonio de Mendoça sobre las minas de la Nueva España... [manuscript] 1550 Official Record
Order [manuscript]: Charles Town [i.e. Charleston], [S.C.], 1755 Jan. 13 13 Jan 1755 Official Record Cherokee
Order [manuscript]: Michilimackinac, [Mich.], to Monsieur L’anglade [i.e. Langlade], 1761 Sep. 30 30 Sep 1761 Correspondence
Order [manuscript]: Schenectady [N.Y.], to Arent Schermerhorn, 1764 Dec. 24 24 Dec 1764 Correspondence
Order and account [manuscript]: 1741-1742 1741-1742 Official Record Cherokee; Chickasaw; Creek; Yuchi
Orders [manuscript]: 1778 May 10 10 May 1778 Official Record; Correspondence
Orders [manuscript]: 1778 Oct. 26 26 Oct 1778 Official Record; Correspondence Potawatomi
Orders [manuscript]: additional instruction for our trusty and well beloved Robert Monckton Esqr., our Captain General and Governor in Chief of our Province of New York, 1761 Dec. 9 09 Dec 1761 Correspondence
Orders [manuscript]: instructions for Capt. William Hathorne, Comander in cheife [sic] of the forces now Employed to the Eastward, 1676 Aug. 29 29 Aug 1676 Official Record Pennacook; Algonkin
Orders [manuscript]: province of New Hampshire, att a councill held at Portsmouth, 1703 Aug. 23 [sic] 23 Aug 1703 Official Record
Our Indian wards / by George W. Manypenny 1880 Printed Book Cherokee; Chickasaw; Choctaw; Creek; Santee Sioux; Winnebago; Kiowa; Comanche
Papers [manuscript]: 1734-1767 1734-1767 Correspondence Cherokee
Papers [manuscript]: 1734-1896 (bulk 1756-1809) [1 of 3] 1734-1896 Correspondence; Manuscript
Papers [manuscript]: 1734-1896 (bulk 1756-1809) [2 of 3] 1734-1896 Correspondence; Manuscript
Papers [manuscript]: 1734-1896 (bulk 1756-1809) [3 of 3] 1734-1896 Correspondence; Manuscript
Papers [manuscript]: 1804-1816 (bulk 1804-1810) 1804-1816 Correspondence; Manuscript; Newspaper Mohawk; Cherokee; Iroquois
Partie de la Novvelle Angleterre contenant les villes, les bourgs, et le commerce des habitans c.1720 Map Pequot
Passport and letter [manuscript]: Fort Michilimackinac, Mich., 1770-1771 06 Aug 1770; 18 Aug 1771 Correspondence
Pequeña carta, que contiene la Canal de Santa Barbara en la costa septentrional de la California… 1782; c.1908 Map
Petition [manuscript]: [San Felipe del Real, Mexico?], to Charles III, [1777 Oct. 26?] 26 Oct 1777 Correspondence Apache; Comanche
Plain facts: being an examination into the rights of the Indian nations of America, to their respective countries… 1781 Printed Book Iroquois
Plan de la ville de la Nouvelle Orléans: ou l'on à marqué l'augmentation des maisons qui sont baties depuis le 3. septembre jusqu'au dernier decembré de la même année 1722: ce qui est marqué en rouge est fait, et ce qui est en jaune est projetté 1723 Map
Plan de la ville de Quebec envoyé par le Baron Dubois d’Avaugour, le 4 aoust 1663 04 Aug 1663; c.1850 Map
Plan de Missilimakinak avec la description de la route du Missisipi; Idée de la situation du fort de Chambly, et des ses environs; Idée du fort de Frontenac et de ses environs c.1717 Map
Plan del Real Presidio del Canal de Sta. Barbara 1788; c.1908 Map
Plan du Fort du Sault de St. Louis et du village des sauvages Iroquois 1752 Map Iroquois
Plan du Fort du Sault de St. Louis et du village des sauvages Iroquois [cartographic material] 1752 Map Iroquois
Plan du Fort Frontenac ou Cataracouy c.1720 Map
A Plan of Carver's grant from the Nawdowissie Indians c.1825 Map Dakota
Plan profil et elevation du Fort Condé de la Mobille c.1720 Map
Plano de la bateria construida en la punta mas norte de la loma de Sn. Joaquin para la defensa de la entrada del Puerto de Sn. Francisco 1796; c.1908 Map
Plano de la Ensenada de la Purissima Concepcion… 29 Jul 1782; c.1908 Map
Plano de la Ensenada del Principe: que se halla siete millas al leste de la de Mescaltitan en la Canal de Santa Barbara en la costa septentrional de la California… 1782; c.1908 Map
Plano de la Ensenada y laguna de Mescaltitan… 1782; c.1908 Map
Plano de una porcion de costa que comprehende el Puerto de Sn. Francisco y Ensenáda de Monterey 1796; c.1908 Map
Plano del Puerto de San Diego: situado in la costa septentrional de la California, y in la lat[itud] N. de 52 g[rado]s 42 m[inuto]s, y en la long[itud] de 12 g[rados] 31 m[inuto]s al oeste de San Blas 1782; c.1908 Map
Plano que manifiesta el nuevo proyecto del Precidio de Sn. Francisco para alopar las tropas de su guarnicion 1796; c.1908 Map
Plantation reports [manuscript]: 1717-1722 1717-1722 Official Record; Correspondence Iroquois
[Portrait of Edward E. Ayer] 1897 Art
Power of attorney [manuscript]: Fort Michilimackinac [Mackinaw City, Mich.], to Sieurs Rocheblave and Porlier, 1800 July 26 26 Jul 1800 Correspondence
Praeclara Ferdinadi Cortesii de Noua maris Oceani Hyspania narratio... Carolo Romanoru imperatori... M.D. XX transmissa... per Petru Saguorgnanu [sic] ex Hyspano idiomate in Latinu versa anno Dni, M.D. XXIIII Kl. Martii. [Explicit secunda Ferdinandi Cortesii Narratio... 1524 Map
Proceedings [manuscript]: at a meeting of the Commiss[ione]rs for the Indian Affairs at the Council Chamber in Boston, 1734 Aug. 16 16 Aug 1734 Official Record Mahican
Proclamation [manuscript]: Boston, [Mass.], 1696 July 14 14 Jul 1696 Official Record
Proclamation that Malatchi Opiya Mico be Prince of Creek Nation 14 Dec 1747 Manuscript Creek
Provincia del Nuevo Mexyco c.1770 Map
The public dr to Lining & Chalmers [manuscript]: bill, 1753 1753 Financial Record; Correspondence Cherokee
The public to Benj. Smith & Co... [manuscript]: bill, 1756 Jan Jan 1756 Correspondence; Manuscript Creek
The publick to Isaac Peronneau... [manuscript]: to entertaining 13 Cherokee Indians: bill, 1753 July 11 11 Jul 1753 Correspondence; Financial Record Cherokee
The publick to William Martin [manuscript]: to expenses had by William Cardd [i.e. Carde] for the Cherekees Indens [sic] going up from Charles Town: bill, 1747 July 30 30 Jul 1747 Correspondence; Financial Record Cherokee
Puerto de S[a]n Diego situado p[o]r 32 grados 32 minutos de latitud septentrional 1769; c.1908 Map
Recensement gen[er]al [manuscript]: fait au mois de novembre mile sept cent huit de tous les sauviages de l'Acadie qui resident dans la coste de l’est et de ceux de Pintagouet et de Canibeky famille par famille, leurs ages, celuy de leurs femmes et enfants Nov 1708 Official Record
Recommendations of Father Morfi concerning pacification and settlement of New Mexico [manuscript]: [between 1776 and 1778] 1776-1778 Manuscript Apache; Comanche
The red man’s greeting, 1492-1892 1893 Printed Book Potawatomi
The reduction of Louisbourg [manuscript]: a poem: inscribed to the hon[ora]ble Edward Boscawen: wrote on board his majesty’s ship Orford in Louisbourg Harbour / by Valentine Nevill Esqr. of Greenwich in Kent, Secretary to the hon[ora]ble Admiral Townshend, 1758 Aug. 7 07 Aug 1758 Manuscript
Register of viceregal orders issued between May 7, 1552 and December 2, 1553 [manuscript] 07 May 1552 - 02 Dec 1553; 02 Sep 1778 Official Record
Relación delas dos entradas que hize ala conversión de los gentiles Itzaex y Cehachez [manuscript]: yo Fr. Andres de Avendaño y Loiola predicador conventual del convto. grande de Mérida… 1696 Manuscript Maya
Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus remarquable aux missions des peres de la de la [sic] Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France [l]es années 1676 & 1677 [manuscript]: [c.1677] c.1677 Travel Journal Onondaga; Oneida; Ottawa; Abenaki; Iroquois
Relation de la Louisianne [manuscript]: [ca. 1735] 1735 Manuscript; Travel Journal Chickasaw; Choctaw
Relation du Sieur de la Motte Cadillac [manuscript]: capitaine en pied aiant une compagnie de la marine en Canada... 21 Jul 1718 Travel Journal; Manuscript Illinois; Huron; Potawatomi; Menominee; Sac and Fox; Ottawa; Winnebago; Sioux Nation; Miami
Relation ou annalle de ce qui s’est passé dans le paÿs de la Louisiane pendant vingt-deux années consecutives [manuscript]: depuis le commencement de l’establissement des françois dans ce paÿs, par Mr. Dhiberville, et Mr. le comte de Surgere en 1699, continué jusqu’en 1721 ... / dressé par François Boüet sur les mémoires d’André Pénicaut, [between 1860 and 1879?] 1860-1879 Manuscript
Report containing suggestions for revising the project to drain the lagoons around Huehuetoca in the Valley of Mexico [manuscript]: [ca. 1654] 18 Jul 1654; 1654 Manuscript; Correspondence
Report of a council meeting of bishops and priests in Mexico City to discuss their ministry to the Indians [manuscript]: 1539 April 27 27 Apr 1539 Manuscript
Report of the voyage of Captain Francisco de Lucenilla to the Californias in 1668 [manuscript] 29 Apr 1668 - 04 Jul 1668 Manuscript; Travel Journal
Respuesta fiscal [manuscript] / que en vista del IV concilio provincial de Mexico dio en su aprovacion Dn. Pedro de Piña y Mazo fiscal del Peru en agosto de 1774 [1 of 2] 1774 Manuscript
Respuesta fiscal [manuscript] / que en vista del IV concilio provincial de Mexico dio en su aprovacion Dn. Pedro de Piña y Mazo fiscal del Peru en agosto de 1774 [2 of 2] 1774 Manuscript
Rights of the Indians 21 Jan 1830 Printed Book Cherokee
Royal cédula [manuscript]: Madrid, to the Real Audiencia of New Spain in Mexico City, concerning the corn paid by the Indians as taxes, 1576 June 4 04 Jun 1576; 11 Nov 1577 Manuscript; Correspondence
A sand draught of New-York Harbour by Phillip Wells c.1687 Map
A sand draught of New-York Harbour by Phillip Wells c.1687; 1986 Map; Manuscript
The Sayings and doings of the Pilgrims [manuscript]: from the year 1623 to the year 1686 when Plymouth Colony was united to Massachusetts… 1682-1686 Official Record; Manuscript
Some observations on the situation, disposition, and character of the Indian natives of this continent 1784 Printed Book Chippewa (Ojibway); Wyandotte; Pequot
Souldiers [sic] counselled and comforted: a discourse delivered unto some part of the forces engaged in the just war of New-England against the Northern and Eastern Indians 01 Sep 1689 Printed Book
Speech [manuscript]: delivered by Little Abraham, of the Mohawks, to the magistrates and committee of Schenectady and Albany, 20 May 1775 20 May 1775 Manuscript Mohawk; Iroquois
Speeches [manuscript]: 1797-1799 1797-1799 Manuscript Chippewa (Ojibway); Ottawa
Speeches on the passage of the bill for the removal of the Indians, delivered in the Congress of the United States, April and May, 1830 Apr-May 1830 Printed Book Cherokee; Chickasaw; Choctaw; Creek
Statement of Wm. Peters & J. Duché [manuscript]: 1757 1757 Official Record; Manuscript Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Seneca
The story of the old missions of California: their establishment, progress and decay 1769-1834, 1893 Printed Book
Summary of official recommendations and correspondence concerning the formation of volunteer militias for the defense of the Parral region of Mexico [manuscript] c.1779 Manuscript
Tableau de toutes les seigneuries concédées et etablies dans l’etenduë de la Province de Québec [manuscript]: extrait des regîtres d’Intendance et du Conseil Supérieure, [between 1755 and 1760] 1755-1760 Official Record
A talk from the Honorable Will[ia]m H. Drayton Esqr., one of the beloved men of South Carolina [manuscript]: to the beloved men, head men & warriors of the Cherokee Nation at the Congarees: speech, 1775 Sep. 25 25 Sep 1775 Manuscript Cherokee
Testimony [manuscript]: [Groton, Mass.], [1666] 1666 Manuscript
Testimony [manuscript]: this writing witnessed that we whose names are under written... 18 Dec 1682 Official Record Massachuset
These are to desire and require inhabitants of this province where these five Cherokee Indians may call at for provision in their way home to supply them with the same ... [manuscript]: order, 1755 July 13 13 Jul 1755 Manuscript Cherokee
To all people to whom these presents shall come [manuscript]: I Mamangquat cosin of Magmaseckemock only native Indian owner of a certain tract & parcell of land ...: land grant, 1710 Aug. 23 23 Aug 1710 Official Record; Tribe Record Mahican
To the gentlemen of the Council, and gentlemen of the House of Representatives... [manuscript]: in regard to taking proper measures for defending the settlers against the Indians or rather for preventing the Indians attacking the settlers, 1764 June 5 05 Jun 1764 Correspondence Penobscot; Passamaquoddy
To the Kings most excellent majesty [manuscript]: the humble address of your majestys loyal subjects subscribers here of freeholders & inhabitants within your majestys province of New Hampshire: petition, [1740] 1740 Official Record
To ye hon[or]ed County Court holden at Cambridge... [manuscript]: the humble petition of George Maumesrau with severall of ye rulers of Natick... 1685 Apr. 7 07 Apr 1685 Manuscript Massachuset
To ye honoured County Court now sitting in Charlestown... [manuscript]: the humble petition of Rebeckah Lee, 1684 Apr. 17 17 Apr 1684 Official Record; Correspondence
Transcript of a 1768 petition to prohibit sale of alcohol to Indians in Illinois country, [ca. 1876] 08 May 1768; c.1876 Manuscript
Treatise on the Indians of North America [manuscript]: written in the year 1764 1764 Official Record Shawnee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Seneca
A treaty held by commissioners, members of the council of the province of Pennsylvania, at the town of Lancaster, with some chiefs of the six nations at Ohio… 1748 Printed Book; Official Record; Treaty Delaware; Oneida
The treaty held with the Indians of the Six Nations at Philadelphia, in July 1742 Jul 1742 Printed Book; Treaty Shawanese; Onondago
The treaty held with the Indians of the six nations, at Lancaster, in Pennsylvania, in June, 1744... 22 Jun 1744 Printed Book; Treaty Mohawk; Oneida; Iroquois; Huron; Seneca; Onondaga; Tuscarora
A treaty, held at the town of Lancaster, in Pennsylvania… 1744 Printed Book; Official Record; Treaty Iroquois
Veuë du camp de la concession de Monseigneur Law, au Nouveaux Biloxy, coste de la Louisianne 1720 Map
Veüe du port de Louis-Bourg dans l'Isle Royalle 1716 Map; Art
Voyage du Canada 1752 [manuscript] 27 Dec 1752; 24 Jul 1752 - 23 Aug 1752 Travel Journal
Voyage du Sieur Franquet au port La Joye [manuscript] 20 Apr 1752; 27 Jul 1751 - 06 Sep 1751 Travel Journal
Warfare of the North American Indians [manuscript]: by James Athearn Jones, 1830 1830 Correspondence
Warrant [manuscript]: to the Constable of Chelmsford [Mass.], 1669 May 5 05 May 1669 Official Record
We inhabitance of St. Johns Bay... have this day requested... St. Ovide de Broueland... to accorde us... the ransom of ower goods as mentioned in the artukells as undar written [manuscript] [sic] 27 Jan 1709 Official Record
William Clark, superintendent of Indian affairs, to all whom it may concern [manuscript]: whereas Pratte, Chouteau & Co. having applied for a license to trade for one year... License, 1836 Apr. 22 22 Apr 1836 Official Record Ioway; Sac and Fox; Otoe; Kiowa; Arikara; Pawnee; Ponca; Sioux Nation; Cheyenne; Crow; Assiniboine; Cree; Mandan; Gros Ventre (Atsina); Paiute; Flathead; Arapaho