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Title [Photographs of Sioux Indians in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and South Dakota]
Photographer Gardner, Alexander; J. A. Anderson; Choate, John Nicholas; Whitney, J. E.; Moorehead; North Western Photo Company
Document Type Photograph
Description A collection of photographs of American Indians including groups at Fort Laramie and the Carlisle School, a Sioux burial and views of the battlefield after the Battle of Wounded Knee.
Names Spotted Tail; Roman Nose; Old Man Afraid Of His Horses; Lone Horn; Whistling Elk; Pipe; Packs-His-Drum; Finn, John; Bettelyou, Amos; Bullock, W. G.; Mills, Benjamin; Red Bear; Bordeaux, James; Watson, Elmo Scott; Richard, Peter [Richard or Reeshaw]; Garnier, Baptiste [Little Bat]; Richard, Mrs, Peter; Gerue, John; Gerue, Charles; Gerue, Mollie [Bridgman, Mrs]; Colhaff, George; Gerue, Mrs, Charles [Washichuwin] [White Woman]; Moran, Sophia [Paunee, Mrs]; Gerue, James; Moran, Julia [Dubrey, Mrs]; Moran, Narcisse; Moran, Louise [Huggins, Mrs]; Ceamp, Mr; Fast Bear; McCloskee, Jimmie; Willard Standing Bear; Noel Little Eagle; Preston Three Bears; Counsary Two Cats; Morris Stranger Horse; Painter, Darren; Walker, Manria; Paul Eagle War; Pollack Spotted Tail; Tovergernan[?], Jimmie; Nelson Cut Eagle; Guion, Joseph; Guyon, Werl De; Felix Iron Eagle Feathers; Quick Bear; Swift Bear; Two Strike; Roast; Ring Thunder; Big Turkey; Foolish Elk; Little Dog; Flood, Tom; Standing Buffalo [Ta-Tanka-Nazin]; Kicking Bear; Young Man Afraid Of His Horses; Cook, James; Nines, Chas A.; Kelley, Mrs, William P.
Places Fort Laramie, Wyoming, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Dakota, United States
Keywords missionary, school, education, observation, fort, women, settlement, death, scout, food rations, Carlisle Indian Industrial School, horse, Battle of Wounded Knee
Theme Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters; Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances; Missionaries and Education
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Great Plains, Northeast
Additional Information Gerue also sometimes written: Guerw, Giroux, Gareau, Garreau and Guerew.
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Photographs Box 40: Siouan II