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Title Blackmore Museum Photographs: Vol 4
Document Type Photograph
Description A collection of studio portraits of American Indians.
Names He Whom A Pawnee Struck [Pa-da'-ni A-pa'-pi]; Walking Elk [He-kha-ka Ma-ni]; Running Bull [Ta-tang-ka I-yang-ke]; Scarlet Eagle-Tail [Wa-mdi' Upi Du'ta]; Sounding Iron [Matza Sh-a]; The Meeter [A-ki-pa]; Little Short Horn [He-hu-te-dan]; Six [Sha-kpe]; Little Crow [Tshe - tan Wa-ku-wa Ma'ni]; His Own Thunder [Wa-kin-yan' Ta'-Wa]; The Hawk That Hunts Walking [Tshe-tan Wa-ku-wa Ma'-ni] [Little Crow]; He That Walks In Iron [Ma'-za-o Ma-ni]; The Other Day [Ay-pe'-tu To'-ke-tsha]; The Conqueror [Ti-ra-war-ka-da-Kuk]; The Chief Whom They Look Upon [Ne-sha-du'-si-di-te-ri-ku]; Man and Chief [Pi'-ta-ne-sha-a-du]; The Flash Of A Sturgeon In Turning [Wa-wa-suk]; Bear In The Fork Of A Tree [Na-sa'-wa-kwut]; Whip [We-ga-sa-pi]; Hole In The Sky [Pko-ne-gi-zhik']
Keywords portrait, chief, custom, dress, weapon
Theme Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Great Plains, Northeast
Additional Information Blackmore Museum Photographs: Vol 1 has not been digitised.
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Photographs Box 116. Blackmore Museum Photographs; Volume 4