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Title Cédula containing ordinances regulating repartimientos, tax collection, and the treatment of Indians in New Spain [manuscript]: 1543 May 26
Author Charles I (1516-1556)
Document Type Official Record
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: Ordinances contained in the royal cédula, issued in Valladolid, Spain, 1543 by Charles I, regulating the administration of repartimientos, the collection of taxes, and the treatment of Indians. The president and oidores of the Audiencia can grant repartimientos to those descendants of the first conquistadores who have no repartimiento and who need the income, the amount of the repartimiento--a portion of the tributes paid by the Indians--to be determined by need. In addition, when awarding repartimientos, the Audiencia should prefer children of the first conquistadores, and then descendants of early settlers. The ordinances establish residency requirements for those who have the use of Indian slaves of a certain province, as well as penalties for extracting excessively high taxes from the Indians. It is also illegal to do bodily harm to Indians, damage their property, or molest their wives and daughters, crimes punishable under the laws of the provinces. Finally, there is a section on collecting taxes, securing the money until it can be sent to the Casa de Contratación, and keeping records of official revenues. The cédula is signed "Yo el príncipe," with countersignatures of el dotor Bernal and licenciados Gutierre Velázquez, Salmerón, and Tello de Sandoval.
Names Bernal; Velázquez, Gutierre; Salmerón; Sandoval, Tello de
Places Valladolid, Spain; Mexico
Keywords Spain, New Spain, government, government relations, tax, payment, financial transactions, money, conquistadors, white settlers, legislature, legislation, slavery, property, law, law and order, politics, colonialism, Mexican
Theme Indigenous Peoples of Mexico; American Indians and the European Powers
Culture Area Mesoamerica
Language Spanish
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference VAULT box Ayer MS 1226
Catalogue Link The Newberry Library Catalogue