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Title Compendio historico de las navegaciones practicadas por oficiales, y pilotos en buques de la Real Armada, sobre las costas septentrionales de las Californias [manuscript]…
Document Type Manuscript
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: Chronological account, dated 1799 in Mexico, of various explorations by navigators of the Spanish royal navy along the Pacific coast of California, British Columbia, and Alaska, between 1768 and 1796. The narrator, an anonymous naval officer, opens with a short history of the California peninsula, its discovery by Cortés in 1536, the explorations of Ulloa and Coronado, the early missionary work of Fathers Kino, Salvatierra, Piccolo, and Ugarte, and the customs, dress, and religion of the Indians. He describes the missions and presidios established in 1768 at San Diego and Monterrey, and documents 3 expeditions from San Blas, Mexico. The first was commissioned by Viceroy Bucareli in 1773 to explore the Pacific coast as far north as Nootka, near Vancouver, and to determine the extent of Russian settlements in the area. Explorations to Bucareli Bay and Prince William Sound in Alaska continued in 1775 and 1776 under Ezeta, Perez, Martínez, and Bodega. There is a discussion of the Spanish settlement at Nootka, and, following seizure of English ships by the Spanish, the agreement of 1790 between the two countries concerning boundaries, fishing, and trade. Also included is an appendix of related documents, containing instructions of various viceroys to the expedition leaders; provisions for the evacuation of Nootka by the Spanish in 1795; treaties; letters to the viceroy from Thomas Muir, a Scot seeking protection; and 2 vocabulary lists of terms used by the Indians in the area of the Prince William Sound and by the Nootka Indians.
Names Bodega y Cuadra, Juan de la (1743-1794)
Places California, Alaska, United States; San Blas, Mexico; Nootka Sound, British Columbia, Canada
Keywords travel, travelogue, exploration, discovery, social life, custom, tradition, culture, language, vocabulary, linguistics, missionary, dress, religion, expedition, letter, treaty, government, government relations, British Colonialism, British North America, Spain, viceroy
Theme American Indians and the European Powers; Indigenous Peoples of Mexico; First Nations of Canada
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Northwest Coast
Language Spanish
Additional Information

FULL TITLE: Compendio historico de las navegaciones practicadas por oficiales, y pilotos en buques de la Real Armada, sobre las costas septentrionales de las Californias [manuscript]: con el objeto de descubrir, y determinàr la extension y posicion de sus distritos è islas adyacentes / ordenado por un oficial de la marina real española. Mèxico, año de 1799.

This has an accompanying document. See VAULT Ayer MS 1068 map.

Published from another ms. as Compendio historico de las navegaciones practicadas por oficiales y pilotos en buques de la real armada, sobre las costa septentrionales de las California. Mexico: V. Rea, 1948.

This has an accompanying document. VAULT Ayer MS 1068 map

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Reference VAULT Ayer MS 1068
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