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Title Copy of some conferences held with the Indians [manuscript]: Philadelphia, 1756 Apr. 19-23
Document Type Manuscript
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: Contemporary copy of the proceedings of several meetings held in Philadelphia during April, 1756, between Quakers, led by Israel Pemberton, who wished to preserve peace with the Indians, and representatives of the Six Nations led by western Pennsylvania Oneida chief "Scarroyada" (also known as Scarouady and Half King). At the conferences, the Indians and Quakers agreed to work to promote a peacable settlement between the government of Pennsylvania and the warring Delaware Indians. The proceedings, probably recorded by interpreters Conrad Weiser, Andrew Montour, and Daniel Claus, contain the remarks of Pemberton and Scarouady. They also list the Indian and Quaker delegates attending each meeting, including Kaghswooghtaniyonde or Old Belt, Kayenguirigoa or Jonathan, Conachtego, Abraham Farrington, Joshua Dixon, Owen Jones, Anthony Benezet, James Pemberton, Mary Pemberton, William Logan, John Smith, Mordecai Yarnall, Thomas Brown, Anthony Morris, etc.
Names Pemberton, Israel (1715-1779); Scarouady (d.1757); Weiser, Conrad (1696-1760); Montour, Andrew (c.1705); Claus, Daniel (1727-1787)
Places Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, United States
Keywords Quaker, peace, Six Nations, chief, conference, government, government relations, war, interpreter, delegation, diplomacy, French and Indian Wars
Theme Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances; American Indians and the European Powers
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Northeast
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference VAULT box Ayer MS 868
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