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Title Documents pertaining to cases heard by Bishop Zumárraga as Apostolic Inquisitor of Mexico [manuscript]: [between 1536 and 1543]
Author Zumárraga, Juan de (1468-1548)
Document Type Official Record
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: Petition, deposition, and sentence from cases heard by Bishop Zumárraga as Apostolic Inquisitor of Mexico between 1536 and 1543. In his petition of March 16, directed to some high-ranking church or Inquisition official, Zumárraga protests the unlawful actions of certain Augustinians in trying and sentencing cases of Indians accused of practicing idolatry, matters over which the Inquisition has exclusive jurisdiction. Zumárraga accuses Fray Antonio Aguilar of using corporal punishment against certain Indians of the pueblo of Coquila who are worshipping idols, and asks that such practices be stopped and that the overzealous priest be sanctioned. Included with the petition is the confidential testimony of Anton Molero against Father Aguilar, in which Molero states that the priest found idols hidden by the Indians, along with a large quantity of clothing, and had ten or twelve Indians whipped in the marketplace and their idols publicly burned. There is also a fragment of a document of March 14, pertaining to a case against Juan de Visco on charges of scandalous language. In light of the prisoner’s confession, Zumárraga orders him to pay to the Inquisition treasury a fine of 10 pesos in gold, as well as the costs of the trial.
Names Zumárraga, Bishop; Aguilar, Antonio; Molero, Anton; Visco, Juan de
Places Coquila, Mexico
Keywords petition, litigation, court, trial, law, law and order, pueblo, missionary, education, religion, church, Christianity, culture, custom, cultural assimilation, Spain, New Spain, payment, money, expenses
Theme Missionaries and Education; American Indians and the European Powers
Culture Area Mesoamerica
Language Spanish
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference VAULT box Ayer MS 1277
Catalogue Link The Newberry Library Catalogue