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Title Ely Samuel Parker scrapbooks: Vol 9
Author Parker, Ely Samuel (1828-1895)
Artist Holmes, W. H.
Document Type Scrapbook; Newspaper
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue (applies to Parker scrapbook collection as a whole): Twelve scrapbooks, presumably kept by Parker, containing newspaper clippings and illustrations dating primarily from 1870 to 1894, regarding Indian affairs. Taken from various U.S. newspapers, the articles deal primarily with Indian massacres, war, and fraud within the Bureau of Indian Affairs. There are also a few volumes concerning Indian archaeology, relics, legends, folklore, customs, and education. Illustrations typically depict Indian chiefs, generals, Indian office commisioners, war scenes and battlefield maps, dances, and dwellings. Many Indian tribes are referred to, including but not limited to the Sioux, Navajo, Osage, Apache, Cherokee, Pima, Pueblo, Creek, Seminole, Comanche, Aztec, Choctaw, Temecula, Ponca, Cheyenne, Onondaga, Narragansett, Mashpee, Ute, and Zuni. There are also three 1870 letters addressed to Ely Samuel Parker from Samuel M. Janney, John A. Burbank, and J.A. Campbell, superintendents of Indian affairs from the Nebraska Territory, Dakota Territory, and Wyoming Territory. Many volumes contain indexes.
Names Little Rabbit [Clo-til-hee-ah-zee]; Red Stone, Chief; Red Stone, Frank; Pablo, Will; Magnus, Chief; Geronimo; Oronhyatekha, Dr; Ramona; Farrar, Jim; Powers, Hiram; Powers, Preston; Dodge, William L.; Minnesink; War Eagle; Morgan, General, T. J.; Armstrong, General, S. C.; Tomkins, Jerry; Tecumseh; Little Turtle; Wayne, General, Anthony; Doughty, Francis W.; Riggs, Captain, C. W.; Janney, Samuel M.; Burbank, John A.; Campbell, J. A.
Places Nebraska Territory, Dakota Territory, Wyoming Territory, Ohio River, Virginia, Newark, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois, Fort Wayne, United States; Pachacamac, Peru; Bolivia; Tenampua, Honduras; Palenque, Mexico; Nicaragua; Egypt; India
Keywords newspaper, journalist, war, massacre, Bureau of Indian Affairs, legend, folklore, commissioner, map, battle, chief, education, custom, illustration, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, death, burial, crafts, expedition, government relations, social life, burial, pipe, crafts, death, Mexican, art, weapon, fort, settlement, scout, Carlisle Indian Industrial School, custom, dress, overland trail, buffalo, dance, ceremony, health, school
Theme American Indians and the US Government; Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances; Observation, Representation and Cultural Encounters
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Great Plains, Southwest, Southeast, Mesoamerica, California
Additional Information Includes information on archeology, mounds, tombs, forts, relics, ruins, cliff dwellers, handiwork, legends, superstitions, burials, folklore, cannibalism, St. Louis massacre and the Franklin expedition search, 1860-1893 (bulk 1879, 1892).
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference Ayer Modern MS Parker
Catalogue Link The Newberry Library Catalogue