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Title General history of the deeds of the Castilians in the islands and continent of the (western) ocean [manuscript]… [3 of 6]
Author Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio (d.1625)
Document Type Manuscript
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: [3 of 6] Anonymous English translation, made sometime before 1880, of the exploits of the Spanish in the New World between 1492 and 1526, which comprise the first three Decades of Herrera’s work of 1601. The first Decade includes Columbus’ plan to search for another hemisphere, his negotiations with the Catholic kings, and his subsequent voyages of discoveries. There is also much material on Balboa’s explorations of the Pacific Ocean, and his establishment of the first European settlement in South America at Darien, as well as the ongoing subjugation of the Indians of the Caribbean and the settlement of Cuba, Hispaniola, and San Juan (now Puerto Rico). The second Decade, 1515-1520, is devoted principally to Cortés’ conquest of Montezuma’s Aztec empire and the discoveries of Magellan. There is also a discussion of the work of Father Las Casas on behalf of the Indians. The third Decade, 1521-1526, continues the exploits of Cortés in Mexico and Pizarro in Peru, and describes Spain’s discovery of the Spice Islands and the Moluccas. This section also deals with Spain’s laws and decrees for the temporal and spiritual government of the Indies, and the establishment of the line of demarcation between Spanish and Portuguese colonial possessions. Preliminary sections of the ms. include a printing license granted to Herrera; valuation of the book; censors’ reports; the author’s dedication to King Philip III; and the editor’s dedication to King Philip V and note to the reader concerning the 2nd edition.
Places West Indies; Darién Gap, Colombia; Panama; Mexico
Keywords history, discovery, exploration, travel, conquistadors, colonialism, Christopher Columbus, Christianity, missionary, law, law and order, government, government relations, politics, New Spain, Mexico, Mexican
Theme Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Mesoamerica, Caribbean
Additional Information

FULL TITLE: General history of the deeds of the Castilians in the islands and continent of the (western) ocean [manuscript] / written by Antonio de Herrera, chronicler-in-chief to His Majesty for the Indies and his chronicler for Castille

Newberry: Caption title. Translation made for Henry Stevens. Marginal notes in pencil throughout, signed with initials TR.

Tipped in at front endpaper, v. 1: Letter of March 17, 1917 from Henry N. Stevens of Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, to Clara Smith at the Newberry Library, concerning identity of translator.

Laid in v. 5 (Decade III, Books I-V): 4 leaves of translation for Decade 3, Book 1, Chapter XIV.

Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference VAULT Ayer MS 1104
Catalogue Link The Newberry Library Catalogue