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Title Informe sobre Sinaloa y Sonora año de 1750 [manuscript]
Author Rodríguez Gallardo, J. Rafael (José Rafael)
Document Type Manuscript
Description From the Newberry Library Catalogue: Contemporary ms. copy of Rodríguez Gallardo’s report of 1750 on problems in the provinces of Sinaloa and Sonora. Rodríguez Gallardo was commissioned in January 1748 by Viceroy Revillagigedo to investigate the causes of the deterioration of the northeastern provinces of Sinaloa and Sonora. As juez pesquisidor and visitador general of the two provinces, Rodríguez Gallardo began an extensive journey throughout Sinaloa and Sonora, acquiring a first-hand knowledge of their geography, population, government, currency, commerce, and production. In his Informe of 1750, he discusses the four principal causes for the decline of the provinces: their dependence on inadequate and inefficient overland routes for trade and commerce; few, if any, settled areas, villages, or presidios, with vast areas left unpopulated, thus encouraging ongoing hostility of Indians, especially the Apaches; no circulating legal tender, resulting in confusion and abuses in prices, and the inability to collect taxes; and finally, an unwieldy and mismanaged government, incapable of administering such a vast extension of territory, with control scattered among various missions, municipalities, militias, and mining companies. Rodríguez Gallardo also suggests solutions to correst these problems, such as the development and expansion of faster, more efficient commercial sea routes; the introduction and use of a standard currency; and the division of the provincial government into two parts for easier management. This ms. copy has no title page, and is undated and unsigned.
Names Revillagigedo, Viceroy
Places Sinaloa, Sonora, Mexico
Keywords politics, government, commerce, travel, expedition, geographical survey, population, overland trail, trade, settlement, hostility, payment, money, tax, territory, frontier, missionary, militia, mining, transportation
Theme American Indians and the European Powers; Military Encounters: Conflicts, Rebellions and Alliances
Tribe / Nation
Culture Area Mesoamerica, Southwest
Language Spanish
Additional Information Born in Campeche, Mexico, around 1716-1718, Rodríguez Gallardo received a Jesuit education and studied religion and law in Mexico City. He worked as a lawyer, gaining expertise in mission and presidio affairs, and in 1748 was named investigative judge for the northeastern provinces by viceroy Revillagigedo. While werving as contador de tributos, he was implicated in a plot against the archbishop of Mexico and was exiled to Spain in 1769. After a lengthy process of exoneration, Rodríguez Gallardo returned to Mexico in 1774, where he died in 1781.
Library The Newberry Library
Copyright The Newberry Library
Collection The Edward E. Ayer Collection
Reference VAULT Ayer MS 1090
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