Missionaries and Education

When Pope Alexander VI divided the New World between Spain and Portugal in 1493 and called on Spain to teach the indigenous peoples “in the Catholic faith, and train them in good morals”, he sparked a rush to Christianize the native population that would continue for centuries.

A 17th century letter of Gabriel Díaz Vara Calderón, bishop of Cuba, describing the Indians and Indian missions of Florida 20 Nov 1936 Printed Book
20 dimanche après la pentecoste [manuscript]: sur le bon usage des maladies 1808 Manuscript Iroquois; Algonkin; Mohawk
Account book [manuscript]: Nauvoo, Ill., 1843-1869 1843-1869 Financial Record
An account of some late attempts by the correspondents of the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, to Christianize the North American Indians 1763 Printed Book Lenni Lanape (Delaware); Oneida
Action of the Union Debating Society of the Carlisle Indian School 1887 Printed Book Omaha; Pueblo Indians; Pawnee; Cheyenne; Crow; Wichita; Kiowa; Winnebago; Sioux Nation; Comanche; Arapaho; Kaw; Nez Perce; Oneida; Navajo
An address delivered to the Oneida Indians, September 24, 1810, by Samuel Blatchford, D. D., together with the reply, by Christian, a chief of said nation 1810 Printed Book Oneida
Admission del pueblo de Mission de Santo Thomas de Tucupio [manuscript]: entregado por los RR[everendos] PP[adres] Capuchinos, y su ereccion en parroquia secular. Año de 1798 1798 Official Record; Manuscript
Alaska, and missions on the north Pacific coast 1880 Printed Book
Among the Pimas, or, the mission to the Pima and Maricopa indians 1893 Printed Book Akimel O'odham (Pima)
Anamiewinensan 1900 Printed Book Chippewa (Ojibway)
Annual report, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1880, 1911 Printed Book
[Autograph album] [manuscript]: Chemawa (Salem, Or.), 1888-1911 1888-1911 Manuscript Nez Perce
Black-robes, or sketches of missions and ministers in the wilderness and on the border 1872 Printed Book
Brief account of a judicial inquiry into the case of doña Ana, accused of using witchcraft to persuade her Indian lover, don Andrés, to marry her [manuscript]: [between 1530 and 1549] c.1530-c.1549 Manuscript
A brief narrative of the Indian charity school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1766 Printed Book
A brief narrative of the Indian charity-school in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1766 Printed Book
Carlisle (1918) 1918 Printed Book Oneida; Osage; Shawnee; Cherokee; Stockbridge Munsee; Seneca
Carlisle and the red men of other days / by George P. Donehoo 1911 Printed Book
Carlos Montezuma: correspondence, box 1 (A-G) 1888-1936 Correspondence Yavapai
Carlos Montezuma: correspondence, box 2 (H-O) 1888-1924 Correspondence Yavapai
Carlos Montezuma: correspondence, box 3 (P-Z) 1889-1924 Correspondence Yavapai
Carlos Montezuma: miscellaneous material 1889-1935 Manuscript; Newspaper; Scrapbook; Official Record; Photograph; Financial Record Choctaw; Chippewa (Ojibway); Blackfeet
Carlos Montezuma: written works c.1885-1915 Manuscript Yavapai
Carte de la nouvelle decouverte que les peres Ieusuistes ont fait en l'annee 1672 et continuee par le P. Jacques Marquette de la mesme compagne… 1672-1673; c.1850 Map
Catalogue and synopsis of courses, United States Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1915 Printed Book Miami; Sac and Fox; Cheyenne; Winnebago; Oneida; Omaha; Chippewa (Ojibway); Huron; Ottawa; Pawnee; Crow; Oneida; Wichita; Comanche; Sioux Nation; Shawnee; Seneca; Blackfeet; Stockbridge Munsee; Tuscarora; Nez Perce; Klamath; Osage; Cayuga; Assiniboine; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Makah; Mohawk; Yuma (Quechan); Iroquois; Apache; Potawatomi; Gros Ventre (Atsina); Mashpee Wampanoag; Abenaki; Quapaw
[Catechisms and hymns in the Potawatomi language] [manuscript] 1832 Manuscript Potawatomi
A Christian Indian of North America; or, John Papunhand. A narrative of facts. 1830 Printed Book Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Iroquois; Mohawk; Oneida; Onondaga; Tuscarora; Seneca; Cherokee; Ottawa; Huron; Chickasaw
Circular letter [manuscript]: Boston, [Mass.], to Josiah Cotton, Plimouth [sic], [Mass.], 1712/13 [i.e. 1713], Feb. 10 10 Feb 1713 Correspondence
Civilization of the Indian natives: or, a brief view of the friendly conduct of William Penn towards them in the early settlement of Pennsylvania... 1830 Printed Book Seneca; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Stockbridge Munsee; Oneida; Cayuga; Onondaga
Codex Cempoallan [manuscript] c.1720 Manuscript; Art Aztec
[Codex Tepotzotlán] [manuscript] 1720 Manuscript; Art Aztec
A collection of pictures of Wampum and Implements made and used by the Iroquois Indians of New York… 02 Apr 1898 Art Sioux Nation; Iroquois
A continuation of the narrative of the Indian charity-school, in Lebanon in Connecticut, New England… 1769 Printed Book
Copia de una carta que el P[adre] Francisco María Piccolo misionero de California escribió al P[adre] Juan Manuel de Bassaldua Rector del Colegio de Raum... [manuscript] 13 Nov 1716; 10 Jan 1717 Correspondence
Copies of documents relating to a debate over the legitimacy of a ritual dance performed by the Mexican Indians before a statue of Saint Gonçalo de Amarante in Mexico City [manuscript] 24 Feb 1816 - 22 Mar 1816 Correspondence; Official Record; Manuscript
The Dakota mission 1880 Printed Book Dakota
Dayspring in the far West: sketches of mission-work in north-west America 1875 Printed Book
[Diary] [manuscript]: [1866-1868] 1866-1868 Diary Seneca
Diseño ô mapa que manifiesta la Misión de S[an] to Tomás de Tucupido [cartographic material]: con la feligresía que se le ha hagregado los sitios prinsipales de ella 1791 Map
Documents concerning the petition of the residents of Malinalco to rebuild their chapel, Capilla del Calvario [manuscript]: 1752 Nov. 8-Dec. 16 08 Nov 1752 - 16 Dec 1752 Manuscript; Official Record; Correspondence
Documents concerning a petition to establish a Capuchin convent in the parish of San Mateo Jalatlaco [manuscript]: 1743-1789 1743-1789 Manuscript
Documents concerning the proposal to establish a Capuchin convent in Dolores [manuscript]: 1809 Jan. 21-1810 April 9 21 Jan 1809 - 09 Apr 1810 Manuscript; Correspondence
Documents concerning protests by Indians against the construction of two churches in Zacatlán [manuscript]: 1750 Oct. 20-1753 March 24 20 Oct 1750 - 25 March 1753 Manuscript; Official Record; Correspondence
Documents pertaining to cases heard by Bishop Zumárraga as Apostolic Inquisitor of Mexico [manuscript]: [between 1536 and 1543] 1536-1543 Official Record
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 1 1905 Photograph Moki; Tewa
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 2 1905 Photograph Moki; Tewa; Tohono O'odham (Papago); Akimel O'odham (Pima)
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 3 1905 Photograph Akimel O'odham (Pima); Apache; Yuma (Quechan)
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 4 1905 Photograph Apache; Yuma (Quechan)
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 5 1905 Photograph Cahuilla; Pechanga Luiseño
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 6 1905 Photograph
E. A. Burbank collection: Vol 7 1905 Photograph Diegueño (Tipai-Ipai); Mojave; Tule River; Paiute; Shoshone; Washoe
Eadle keatah toh Jul 1880; Feb 1882 Printed Book Sioux; Pawnee &prob others
The early Jesuit missions in North America; comp. and tr. from the letters of the French Jesuits, with notes 1845, 1866, 1873 Printed Book Illinois; Abenaki; Iroquois; Quapaw; Natchez
Establecimiento y progresos delas misiones de la antigua California [manuscript]; y Memorias piadosas de la nacion indiana. 1800 Manuscript
The experiences of five Christian Indians, of the Pequod Tribe 1833 Printed Book Pequod
Extract from the minutes of the yearly meeting of friends, held at Lombard street, in the city of Baltimore, 1849 1849 Printed Book Seneca; Iroquois; Tuscarora
Extracts from the diary of the Rev. Dr. Bader, pastor of the Hebron Moravian Church near Lebanon, Pennsylvania from 1751 to 1798 [between 1910 and 1929?] 1751-1798 Diary
Facts favoring the location of a non-reservation Indian boarding school on Sec. 15-41-9 near Hayward, Wisconsin... 1899 Printed Book Chippewa (Ojibway)
Fragmentos de la Historia de Tlaxcala de Diego Muñoz Camargo [manuscript] 1852 Manuscript Aztec
A genuine letter from Mr. John Brainard, employed by the Scotch Society for Propagating the Gospel, a missionary to the Indians in America, and minister to a congregation of Indians… 1753 Printed Book; Correspondence
Government Indian schools 1942 Printed Book; Official Record
Grammatik der Moskito Indianer Sprache [manuscript] c.1860-c.1879 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [1 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [2 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [3 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [4 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [5 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
Historia de las Yndias [manuscript] / por Fr. Bartolome de las Casas, obispo de Chiapas [6 of 6] 1850 Manuscript
An historical account of the doings and sufferings of the Christian Indians in N. England in the years 1675, 1676, 1677 [manuscript]: impartially drawn by one well acquainted with that affair and presented unto the Right Honorable the Corporation residing in London, appointed by the Kings most excellent Majesty for promoting the gospel among the Indians in America 1831 Manuscript
Historical memoirs, relating to the Housatunnuk Indians... 1753 Printed Book Mahican; Stockbridge Munsee
Historical sketch of the missions of the American Board among the North American Indians 1876 Printed Book Dakota
A history of congregational missions among the North American Indians... [typescript] 1917 1917 Manuscript Cherokee; Osage; Chickasaw; Creek; Stockbridge Munsee; Pawnee; Chippewa (Ojibway); Sioux Nation; Miami; Choctaw; Seneca; Tuscarora; Dakota
A history of the Moravian mission among the Indians on the White River in Indiana 1917 Printed Book Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
How shall the Indians be educated? 1894 Printed Book
An illustrated souvenir catalog of the Cherokee National Female Seminary, Tahlequah, Indian Territory, 1850-1906 1906 Printed Book; Tribe Record Cherokee
In a government Indian school 1897 Printed Book Akimel O'odham (Pima)
In the land of pretty soon Feb-Mar 1895 Printed Book Pueblo Indians
Inasmuch; sketches of the beginnings of the Church of England in Canada in relation to the Indian and Eskimo races 1917 Printed Book
The Indian - Federal and State Responsibility 10 Aug 1915 Printed Book Osage; Chippewa (Ojibway); Navajo; Akimel O'odham (Pima); Tohono O'odham (Papago); Mojave; Zuni; Cherokee; Creek
Indian education at Hampton and Carlisle… 1881 Printed Book Sioux Nation; Kiowa; Comanche; Cheyenne; Arapaho; Dakota; Wichita; Seminole; Pawnee; Nez Perce; Ponca; Menominee; Ioway; Sac and Fox; Pueblo Indians; Ute
Indian education in the North West 1906 Printed Book
The Indian question… 1883 Printed Book Yankton Sioux; Lower Brule Sioux
The Indian school at Carlisle barracks 1880 Printed Book Apache; Sioux Nation; Kiowa; Cheyenne; Comanche
Indian school management. Reply to attacks by Captain Pratt upon the introduction of civil service reform methods. 01 Feb 1897 Printed Book
Indian sermon [manuscript] 1710 Manuscript Massachuset
John Black, the apostle of the Red River, or how the blue banner was unfurled on Manitoba Prairies 1898 Printed Book
John K. Hillers photographs of the Zuni, Hopi and Rio Grande River pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona: Vol 2 1879-1882 Photograph Zuni; Moki
Journal d’un voyage fait avec Mr. d’Iberville de la rade de Bilocchis dans le haut du Mississipi [manuscript]: avec un detail de tous ce qui sest fait depuis ce temps jusquau depart du vaisseau, 1700 Feb. 1-May 8 / par le R.P. Du Ru Jesuité 1700 Diary Creek; Natchez
The journal of a two months tour in America… 1768 Printed Book Mohawk; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
A journal of two visits made to some nations of Indians on the west side of the River Ohio, in the years 1772 and 1773 1774 Printed Book Shawnee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Know all men by these presents that I Peter D. Littleman of the town of Stockbridge county of Calumet… 14 Aug 1848 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee
The latest studies on Indian reservations 1887 Printed Book Cheyenne River Sioux; Crow Creek Sioux; Crow; Sioux Nation; Klamath; Nisqually; Skokomish; Omaha; Oglala Sioux; Rosebud Sioux; Santee Sioux; Yakama; Yankton Sioux; Winnebago
Letter [manuscript]: [Deerfield, Mass.], to the Superior of the Jesuits in the College of Quebec [Jean Baptiste de Saint Pé], [1747 Dec.] Dec 1747 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: [San Xavier del Bac?], to Padre Guardián Diego Jiménez, [Querétaro, Mexico?], [ca. 1776] c.1776 Correspondence; Manuscript Moki; Apache
Letter [manuscript]: Augusta, N.Y., to John Tayler, Albany, N.Y., 1819 Jan. 28 28 Jan 1819 Correspondence Mahican
Letter [manuscript]: Chicago, [Ill.], to [Edward E. Ayer, Chicago, Ill.], 1904 Jan. 23 23 Jan 1904 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Chiguagua [San Felipe del Real, Mexico], to Joseph de Galvez, 1777 Oct. 26 26 Oct 1777 Correspondence Apache; Comanche
Letter [manuscript]: Dartmouth College, [Hanover, N.H.], to Stephen Williams, Springfield, [Mass.], 1774 Nov. 12 12 Nov 1774 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Fort Dummer, [Vt.], to Jonathan Ashley, Deerfield, [Mass.], 1746 June 13 13 Jun 1746 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Greenville, Calif., to Dear Friend [Edward E. Ayer, Chicago, Ill.], 1916 Apr. 6 06 Apr 1916 Correspondence Oglala Sioux
Letter [manuscript]: Housatunuck [i.e. Housatonic], [Mass.], to Reverand Nehemiah Bull, Westfield, Mass., 1734/35 Feb. 5 1734 Correspondence Mahican
Letter [manuscript]: LM [Longmeadow, Mass.], to the Revd. Mr. J. Sergeant, 1743 Apr. 15 15 Apr 1743 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee
Letter [manuscript]: London, to the Hon[ora]ble the Society for Propagating of Gosple [sic] among the Indians in New England, 1745 June 17 17 Jun 1745 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Longmeadow, [Mass.], to Stephen Williams, Stockbridge, [Mass.], 1749/50 [i.e. 1750] Jan. 17 17 Jan 1750 Correspondence Mahican; Stockbridge Munsee
Letter [manuscript]: Lukfatu Chahta Yakne and Eagle Town, [Indian Territory], to Robert Steel, Abington, Pa., 1836 Mar. 22-29 22 Mar 1836 - 29 Mar 1836 Correspondence Choctaw
Letter [manuscript]: Maryville, T[enn.], to Jedediah Morse, Charlesto[w]n, Mass., 1808 Dec. 17 17 Dec 1808 Correspondence Cherokee
Letter [manuscript]: Mexico [City], to Charles V of Spain, 1537 Nov Nov 1537 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Mohegan in New London, [Conn.], to [Eleazar] Wheelock, [Lebanon, Conn.], 1767 Jan. 15 15 Jan 1767 Correspondence Montauk; Mohegan
Letter [manuscript]: New Whatcom, Wash., to [J.C. Pilling], Director of Bureau of Ethnology, Washington, D.C., 1893 May 22 22 May 1893; 08 Apr 1893 Correspondence Tanana; Shageluk
Letter [manuscript]: Philadelphia, [Pa.], to Jonas [i.e. Jonah] Thompson, Bristol, [Eng.], 1757 Dec. 6 06 Dec 1757 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Residence de la Conception-aux-Hurons, to M. le curé de St. Martin, à Beauvais [France], 1639 May 25 25 May 1639 Correspondence Wyandotte; Huron
Letter [manuscript]: San Xavier del Bac, to Juan Bautista de Anssa, 1768 July 29 29 July 1768 Correspondence
Letter [manuscript]: Shawonee Mission, Ind. Ter., to Rev. Francis Barker, South Hanson, Mass., 1852 June 17 17 Jun 1852 Correspondence Shawnee
Letter [manuscript]: Society Hall, Edinburgh, to Rev. Dr. Morse, 1819 Apr. 1 01 Apr 1819 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Letter [manuscript]: White Earth, [Minn.], to Miss M. M. Johnston ... League of Ascension Church, 1900 Apr. 13 13 Apr 1900 Correspondence Minnesota Chippewa
Letter and petition [manuscript]: 1764-1775 1764-1775 Correspondence
A letter from the Revd Mr. Sergeant of Stockbridge, to Dr. Colman of Boston… 1743 Printed Book Mahican
A letter, about the present state of Christianity, among the Christianized Indians of New-England… 1705 Printed Book
[Letter] [manuscript]: Sau[l]t Ste. Marie, Mich., to Mr. [James B.] Kirker, New York [N.Y.], 1859 Oct. 31 31 Oct 1859 Correspondence
Letters [manuscript]: 1739-1743 14 May 1739 - 24 Oct 1743 Correspondence Shawnee; Oneida
Letters [manuscript]: 1790-1822 1790-1822 Correspondence
Letters [manuscript]: 1847-1858 1847-1858 Correspondence Chippewa (Ojibway)
Letters [manuscript]: 1890-1892 1890-1892 Correspondence Potawatomi
Letters [manuscript]: [New] Stockbridge and Vernon, N.Y., to Jedediah Morse, Charlstown, [Mass.] and New Haven, Conn., 1797-1821 1797-1821 Correspondence Stockbridge Munsee
Letters [manuscript]: Albany, [N.Y.], to John Pintard, New York, [N.Y.], 1817-1818 1817-1818 Correspondence Oneida
Letters [manuscript]: Eggharbour and Princeton [N.J.], to Eleazer Wheelock, 1767 June 23 - 1774 Apr. 22 23 Jun 1767; 22 Apr 1774 Correspondence Catawba; Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
Letters [manuscript]: Metlakatla, B.C., 1887-1892 11 Apr 1887; 22 Jan 1892 Correspondence Tsimshian; Kwakiutl; Haida
Letters [manuscript]: San Xavier del Bac, to Juan de Pineda, 1768 July 29-1769 July 23 29 July 1768; 21 Feb 1769; 23 July 1769 Correspondence Apache; Akimel O'odham (Pima)
Letters [manuscript]: Shakopee, Minn., to H.M. Hitchcock, Minneapolis, Minn., 1929-1931 1929-1931 Correspondence Sioux Nation
Letters on missions; addressed to the Protestant ministers of the British churches 1797 Printed Book
Letters regarding the Illinois Central Railroad Company [manuscript]: Chicago and Bourbonnais, Ill., 1853 Jan. 9-1929 Jan. 21 09 Jan 1853 - 21 Jan 1929 Correspondence Potawatomi
[Letters to F.D. Newberry] [manuscript]: Puyallup (Consolidated) Agency, Tacoma, Wash., 1889 Dec. 1-2 01 Dec 1889 - 02 Dec 1889 Correspondence
The logick primer: some logical notions to initiate the Indians in the knowledge of the rules of reason… c.1890 Printed Book Massachuset
Manual for the Indian school service: approved by the Secretary of the Interior July 1, 1941 / Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, Education Division 1942 Printed Book; Official Record Quapaw; Pueblo Indians
Map of Catholic missions in California and Sonora traced from a late-eighteenth-century Spanish manuscript 1798-1804; c.1908 Map Apache; Yuma (Quechan); Akimel O'odham (Pima)
Mary and I: forty years with the Sioux c.1887 Printed Book Sioux Nation; Dakota; Chippewa (Ojibway)
Massacre at the Yuma Crossing: Spanish relations with the Quechans, 1779-1782 1998 Printed Book Yuma (Quechan); Tohono O'odham (Papago); Apache; Mojave; Maricopa
The memoir of Miss Eliza McCoy 1892 Printed Book Potawatomi; Stockbridge Munsee; Wea
Mexican rule in California 1824-1848: paper read before the Badger Club, Los Angeles, March 3rd 1909: typescript, [1909] / by H.C. Dillon, Esq 03 Mar 1909 Manuscript
Miscellaneous items relating to Iroquois culture Manuscript Iroquois
Mission pedagogy 1910 Printed Book
The mission play: a pageant play in three acts / by John S. McGroarty, c.1911 1911 Manuscript
Mission service for the Six Nations of Indians [manuscript]: 1893 Mar. 25 25 Mar 1893 Manuscript Onondaga; Iroquois
Missionary work of the Women's National Indian Association, and letters of missionaries 17 Nov 1885 Printed Book Ponca; Otoe; Dakota
Missions on Chequamegon Bay 1892 Printed Book Chippewa (Ojibway)
Missions to the North American Indians c.1880s Printed Book
A narrative of the United Brethren among the Delaware & Mohegan Indians [manuscript]: from its commencement in the year 1740 to the close of the year 1808… 1820 Manuscript
[Notes and explanatory text for Grider's artwork on Iroquois Indians] Manuscript; Art Iroquois
Noticias de la nueva California [manuscript] [1 of 2] 1792 Manuscript
Noticias de la nueva California [manuscript] [2 of 2] 1792 Manuscript
The Oglala light: the monthly magazine printed by Indians Dec 1913; Mar 1915; Mar 1917; Apr 1917 Printed Book Dakota; Oglala Sioux
Our Catholic Indian missions: a paper read before the Catholic Missionary Congress, Chicago, November 16, 1908 16 Nov 1908 Printed Book
Our centennial memoir. Founding of the missions. San Francisco de Assis in its hundredth year. The celebration of its foundation. Historical reminiscences of the missions of California. 1877 Printed Book
Papers [manuscript]: 1804-1816 (bulk 1804-1810) 1804-1816 Correspondence; Manuscript; Newspaper Mohawk; Cherokee; Iroquois
Papers, 1758-1858 1758-1858 Correspondence; Manuscript; Official Record Menominee
Paradigma apologetico que desea persuadir ingenuo, escribiendo desapassionado la noti[ci]a de la huasteca a los VV. Sacerdotes que pueden cultivarla [manuscript]: descripcion de su paiz, y demonstracion evidente de la vanidad de el horror, que se le tiene 1746 Manuscript Maya
[Photographs of Sioux Indians in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and South Dakota] 1868; 1893; 1948; 30 Jan 1891; 01 Jan 1891 Photograph Sioux Nation; Dakota; Lower Brule Sioux; Oglala Sioux; Crow; Rosebud Sioux
[Photographs of Sioux Indians] 1888-1911; Jul 1911 Photograph Oglala Sioux; Lower Brule Sioux; Sioux Nation
[Photographs of two Yanktonai Dakota men] Photograph Sioux Nation; Yankton Sioux
Poor Lo! Early Indian missions. A memorial. 1896 Printed Book Cherokee; Choctaw; Seminole; Stockbridge Munsee; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Little River Ottawa; Chippewa (Ojibway); Osage; Otoe; Omaha; Seneca-Cayuga; Shawanoe; Miami; Potawatomi; Wea
Pour le st. jour de Paques sur le mystère du jour [manuscript] 1799; 1800; 1810 Manuscript Mohawk
[Prières, etc. en la langue Algonkin] [manuscript]: [between 1860 and 1879] 1860-1879 Manuscript
The prospects of the Indian race of America 28 Feb 1854 Printed Book Chocktaw; Chickasaw; Cherokee
A rebuff from the United States government c.1888 Printed Book Dakota
Recommendations of Father Morfi concerning pacification and settlement of New Mexico [manuscript]: [between 1776 and 1778] 1776-1778 Manuscript Apache; Comanche
Records [manuscript]: 1869-1919 1869-1919 Official Record; Manuscript
Records [manuscript]: 1869-1919 1869-1919 Official Record; Manuscript
Records [manuscript]: 1869-1919 1869-1919 Official Record; Manuscript
Records [manuscript]: 1869-1919 1869-1919 Official Record; Manuscript
Records [manuscript]: 1869-1919 1869-1919 Official Record; Manuscript
Reflections on the different states & conditions of society [manuscript]: with the outlines of a plan to ameliorate the circumstances of the Indians of North America, 1823 1823 Manuscript Osage; Quapaw
Relación delas dos entradas que hize ala conversión de los gentiles Itzaex y Cehachez [manuscript]: yo Fr. Andres de Avendaño y Loiola predicador conventual del convto. grande de Mérida… 1696 Manuscript Maya
Relation de ce qui s’est passé de plus remarquable aux missions des peres de la de la [sic] Compagnie de Jesus en la Nouvelle France [l]es années 1676 & 1677 [manuscript]: [c.1677] c.1677 Travel Journal Onondaga; Oneida; Ottawa; Abenaki; Iroquois
[Report of the Committee on a visit to the Miami of the Pottowattomi Nations in 1802]: typescript, 1929 Jan. 8 08 Jan 1929 Official Record; Manuscript Miami
Report of a council meeting of bishops and priests in Mexico City to discuss their ministry to the Indians [manuscript]: 1539 April 27 27 Apr 1539 Manuscript
Report on missionary work / the Women's National Indian Association Nov 1888 Printed Book Bannock; Shoshone; Omaha
Respuesta fiscal [manuscript] / que en vista del IV concilio provincial de Mexico dio en su aprovacion Dn. Pedro de Piña y Mazo fiscal del Peru en agosto de 1774 [1 of 2] 1774 Manuscript
Respuesta fiscal [manuscript] / que en vista del IV concilio provincial de Mexico dio en su aprovacion Dn. Pedro de Piña y Mazo fiscal del Peru en agosto de 1774 [2 of 2] 1774 Manuscript
Rules for the Indian School Service / Office of Indian Affairs 1898 Printed Book; Official Record
Rules for the Indian School Service, 1913 / Department of the Interior, United States Indian Service 1913 Printed Book; Official Record
The school news Jun 1880; Sep 1880; Oct 1880; Dec 1880; Jan 1881; Feb 1881; Mar 1881; Apr 1881; May 1881; Sep 1881; Oct 1881; Nov 1881; Dec 1881; Jan 1882; Apr 1882; Dec 1882 Printed Book; Newspaper Cherokee; Pawnee; Sioux Nation; Ioway; Arapaho; Apache; Creek; Nez Perce; Menominee; Yankton Sioux; Kiowa; Osage; Wichita; Pueblo Indians; Navajo; Ponca
The schoolhouse farthest west: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska 1910 Printed Book Koyuk
[Selections from the Catholic prayer book in Micmac] [manuscript] 22 Apr 1848 Manuscript Micmac
[Sentences in French and Nipissing] [manuscript] 1750 Manuscript Chippewa (Ojibway)
Sentences in Micmac [manuscript]: Elenu wegadigun 1847 Manuscript Micmac
Siguense veynte y seis addiciones desta postilla [manuscript]: las quales hizo el auctor della despues de muchos años que la avía hecho, ante que se imprimiese / oquimochi huilli yn fray Bernardino de Sahagun. 1560-1579 Manuscript Aztec
Some account of the North-America Indians; their genius, characters, customs, and dispositions, towards the French and English nations… 1754 Printed Book Creek; Mohawk; Iroquois
Some account of a visit paid to the Friends at Junesassa, and the Indians living on Allegany and Cataraugus Rivers agreeably to an appointment of the Committee on Indian affairs in the 8th month, 1806: typescript, 1929 Jan. 9 09 Jan 1806 Travel Journal; Manuscript Seneca; Stockbridge Munsee
Some particulars relative to the continuance of the endeavours, on the part of the Society of Friends in the United States of North America, for the improvement and gradual civilization of the Indian natives 1823 Printed Book
Souvenir of the Carlisle Indian School / by J.N. Choate 1902 Printed Book Sioux Nation; Ponca; Mandan; Arikara; Apache; Kiowa; Wichita; Cheyenne; Arapaho; Ute; Navajo; Inuit; Blackfeet
Speech of Gayashuta an ancient chief of the Seneca Nation on the borders of Pennsylvania [manuscript]… 1790 Correspondence Seneca
St. John's Mission photographs 1914-1916 Photograph Akimel O'odham (Pima)
Storia della California 1800 Manuscript
The story of the old missions of California: their establishment, progress and decay 1769-1834, 1893 Printed Book
A succinct view of the missions established among the heathen by the church of the Brethren, or Unitas fratrum. In a letter to a friend. 1771 Printed Book Mahikander; Lenni Lenape (Delaware); Seneca-Cayuga
Teaching the rudiments of cooking in the class room. Primary methods and outlines for the use of teachers in the Indian Schools. 1906 Printed Book; Official Record
Tentative course of study for United States Indian schools. Prepared under the direction of commissioner of Indian affairs. 1915 Printed Book; Official Record
Thomas Lee Ballenger papers: Vol 2 1872-1904 Photograph Cherokee
Thomas Lee Ballenger papers: Vol 5 1730-1968 Manuscript; Correspondence; Official Record; Financial Record Cherokee
Three hymns in Chinook, Tsimshian, and Salish [manuscript]: [c.1892] c.1892 Manuscript Chinook; Tsimshian; Salish
Thrilling adventures, travels, and explorations of Dr. Elijah White among the Rocky Mountains and in the far west… 1859 Printed Book Warm Springs; Keyuse; Nez Perce
True stories of Indians, wild and civilized [manuscript]: told by George W. Ingalls... written by Vernille DeWitt-Warr; pen & ink sketches by Ralph du Maurier: beautifully illustrated 1915 Manuscript Washoe; Paiute; Moki; Pueblo Indians; Creek; Seminole; Sac and Fox; Choctaw; Dakota; Sioux Nation
Two ways of treating the Indian problem. A discourse. Printed Book
United States Indian industrial school, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1895-1900 Printed Book; Photograph Apache; Fort Sill Apache; Inuit; Navajo
Views of United States Indian School 1915 Printed Book; Photograph
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: III 1898-1906 Photograph Taos; Moki
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: IV 1898-1902 Photograph
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: IX 1898-1906 Photograph
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: VII 1900 Photograph
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: VIII 1900-1901 Photograph
W.H. Jackson Photocrom Print Collection Vol 1: X 1900-1903 Photograph
What the government and the churches are doing for the Indians 1874 Printed Book
What will become of the Indians? 1886 Printed Book Chippewa (Ojibway); Menominee; Dakota; Sioux Nation; Flathead; Cheyenne; Blackfeet; Osage; Potawatomi
William Bollaert’s pencil sketches of Texas [graphic] 1836-[1844] c.1836-1844 Art; Map Comanche; Choctaw